Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Returns On Races

My race calendar for 2012 already has some great races - LA Marathon on 3/18, San Francisco Marathon on 7/29 - but I might be able to fill it out even further.

The tax man came by our house Tuesday and he was kind and gracious. Therefore, I have some funds now in order to finance my race calendar. I'm eyeing three races in particular.

4/22 - Run Through Redlands Half: I've done this one before, twice in fact, and want to do it again. This will be fun to run with all of my Loper buddies, and since we won't have the LA Marathon in front of us, we can really enjoy this race.

10/7 - Long Beach Marathon: Gulp. This would be my third marathon of the year. I've not done that before but I think I can do it this year. The price is 80 dollars right now, which is great since it will only continue to rise and could get to 110 or more even. I'm not afraid of committing this early, but I just have to be 100 percent sure. I'm like 94.73 percent sure right now, so almost there.

12/9 - Pomona Holiday Half: This would be a fun race that would be right in the middle of the 2012-13 Loper season. Price is 60 dollars so it's quite affordable.

With the tax man being nice to us, I think my calendar will load up soon enough. I haven't ran many races, actually just two races since June, so having races dotting the year will be some great motivation to keep me going and surging towards my ultimate goal of running 2,000 miles in 2012.

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Caroline said...

I have all 3 of those races on my calendar. LB the half marathon not the full. I did it last year and I loved it! Redlands will be my first year. Will do 10k because I am doing the Hollywood Half on the 7th.

looking forward to follow your journey..always like to find runners who are in my area!