Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Weeks Left (or thereabouts)

Two weeks left.

I have two weeks left of marathon training ahead of me.

That's the way I'm looking at it anyway. My next huge challenge - the LA Marathon - is on March 18 and obviously that's more than two weeks away. In fact, that's more than one month away.

But things will change after two weeks. I will run 15 miles on Sunday Feb 19 and then will knock out 22 miles on Feb. 26. And then my marathon training will be complete.

Again, not exactly, but the hard parts will be over.

No more 20-mile runs. No more 18-mile runs... no more runs of more than 12 miles actually. My weekly mileage will be cut after the 22-miler as I'll begin to taper down.

Now, my running of late hasn't been great. Last week was a struggle and I got sick so I wasn't able to run my half marathon on Sunday. It was a bummer. I actually only managed about 25 miles last week and - worst of all - my run streak ended at 41 days. (insert super sad face here)

But that's not going to sidetrack me. I'm going to dust myself off and get right back into the throes of this marathon training. I've only got two weeks left anyway, two weeks to give it my all and then I can focus on recovering, resting and then 26.2 miles.

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