Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surf City Aftermath

A few things about Surf City now that I've had a couple of days to digest it:

* Still happy with what I did.

* My splits...

Mile 1 - 8:39; M2 - 8:31; M3 - 8:38; M4 - 8:53; M5 - 8:25; M6 - 8:57; M7 - 8:41; M8 - 8:49; M9 - 8:53; M10 - 8:37; M11 - 9:04; M12 - 8:34; M13 - 8:34.

TG asked me how I got so fast. Well, I'm not sure this qualifies as fast, but I've been able to improve on my speed by tempo runs. For my money that's the best speed workout. I suppose shorter, more intense workouts are also necessary but I enjoy pushing myself for 3-5 miles at a fast pace. It just gets my legs used to maintaining that speed for a longer period of time. I think some intervals though would do me some good. And I would love to do Yasso 800s more often too. Perhaps I'll do more of both come springtime.

* Surf City will always have a special place in my heart. My first marathon was at Surf City and so was my third. I have to admit it felt strange being at the starting line of the marathon and not running it. I saw a couple of friends off for the full and it brought back memories of my own 26.2 challenges. Still, whatever pangs of regret I felt went away as soon as I started the race. I had that "I'm so glad I'm not running the full" thought once I stepped onto the course.

* My biggest fear of this half was the people. There were, what?, 12-16,000 runners for the half, something like that. I feared it would be way too crowded. It was crowded but PCH is pretty big, it handled all of us half participants just fine.

* The weather was warm, quite warm. Two years ago, it was sunny but didn't warm up until... maybe after 10. Last year the sun did not come out until I was at Mile 23. This year, the sun was out and beaming overhead at like 7. I was warm pretty early in my race. No need for long sleeves or gloves or anything. I think that had more of an effect on the full marathoners but it still kinda wore me out.

* I think I gave everything I had. I'm sure I can train for and get a faster time but I think that right now, in the condition I am and in the shape I am, this was an A performance. Of course I'm not winning any age groups or anything but that's fine with me. It's a good time for me, I'm happy with it and I realize that I can train harder and beat that time. That's motivating... all of that is motivating.

* So what's my next race? I'm running the Palm Springs half marathon on Sunday. Yay! Two half marathons on consecutive Sundays. I'm not sure yet what my goal will be but I have a few days to figure that out. I'll make sure and let you know what I come up with.


Alisyn said...

Fantastic pace and splits! Looks like I need to add Surf City to my race list!

Michael said...

Wow you really have gotten so fast!!! That is just so awesome. Please tell me there is hope for me??

tahoegirl said...

As much as I hate pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I need to do tempos runs, hill repeats and intervals. I LOATHE running so "fast" that I hurt. Ugh. Does it ever get easy? :o)

Kerrie T. said...

Tempo runs! Just did mine today. I'm LOVING the Run Less Run Faster plan. Love the repeats, the tempos, the "faster" long runs. Love it!!!!

Good luck in Palm Springs!