Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ThrThiThu: Pics, Half and Half/Half

1. We. Got. Pictures. Surf City race pictures are out and there were some decent ones of yours truly. I'm usually a bit of a ham during races and I suppose this one was no different. I didn't seek out the cameras but when I saw one and had the chance I made sure that I was unobstructed. What can I say, I like having my picture snapped on race day.

What do you think?

Those two were near the finish I believe. These last two are of me crossing the finish. I remembered to smile and strike a bit of a pose. Only thing is, my friend was blocking me! How dare she!!

I actually think it's kind of appropriate. After all, I didn't run this race for personal glory. I ran it to pace my friend to her first sub-2, so only fitting she's in my finish line shot.

And yes, I'm wearing my pink again. It's race day, gotta show off my club's colors.

2. Half On Sunday. Yeah, I'm running another half marathon on Sunday. Well, not sure how I'll do. I was wore out on Wednesday during my 6-mile run. Usually 6-milers aren't that taxing (unless I'm running them fast) but this one wore me out by Mile 3, and I wasn't going fast at all. I'm not going to PR - there's no way - but I do think I can get a decent time. I realized that, of my half marathons, one I ran at 2:15 (my first one), another at 1:48 (the all-downhill one) and the four others have come between 1:54:58 and 1:56:58. Crazy, huh? I also have a 1:55:03 and 1:56:20 in there. Guess that's my sweet spot.

3. Half And Half, II. One thing I would love to do this year is to run a half marathon on Saturday and another half marathon on Sunday. That doesn't look likely, though. There aren't many decent prospects for that happening. I am running the Fontana Days Half on June 2 and there is the Rock n Roll San Diego Half on June 3 but that's all the way down in San Diego, I'd have to go down there to get my bib and... well, that's just too much driving. Ugh!! Last year there was at least one occasion when it would have worked out (Diamond Valley was on April 9 when I ran my fourth full and Redlands was on April 10). I thought it would work out this year too but no dice. Oh well, not all races are on the usual places where I look for races so maybe something in late summer or after will come up.


Michael said...

Those are some very consistent half marathon times! I think the pics are great, esp the ones of you smiling at the finish line - and yes, it's fitting your friend was in the pic with you.

Kerrie T. said...

I'm just referring to that as your signature color!

Morgan said...

Love the pics and your ability to rock the crap out of that pink shirt! :)

The Jesse said...

I think doing two two halfs back to back on a weekend would be a fun challenge. I hope you can find two races that will work for this.

I agree with Kerrie - I think that is your signature color. You totally rock it :)

Cindy said...

just found your blog...congrats on the awesome weight loss and accomplishments!