Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Things Friday: Final Verdict On OC And More

1. Done Deal: I finally signed up. I took the plunge. On May 6, I will run the OC Marathon. I will taste glory for the second time in 2012 and the sixth time ever. Yup, number six on the sixth. I had to hammer out the latest detail and I did. Although I've had my eyes on this race for a while, it does seem like... well, maybe not last-minute but it feels like I have to kind of quickly gather my thoughts. The good thing is that I already prepared for it. Since running LA, I've had runs of 16 and 20 miles and I ran a half marathon. I'm ready for the pounding once more as my body is plenty prepared for the trauma that is a marathon.

2. Four For 2012: Now that I will run OC, I will run - fingers crossed - four marathons in 2012. I've run the LA Marathon, will do OC, and then I will have the San Francisco Marathon afterward, in July, followed by the Long Beach Marathon in October. So, I will have run four marathons my first two years of marathoning, and then four more in my third year. That also means that I might be able to see off in the distance, and that marathon number 10 - which will be a special one for me - may wind up being LA next March. (don't tell anyone but I'm thinking about a return to Surf City for the full :) )

3. Haircut: So I got a new haircut recently. What do you think?

It's not the first time I cut my hair that way. I used to do that maybe once a year, pretty regularly, but lately I've not done it. I don't know, always come up with one reason or another but I finally just did it. I like it. It feels good. It may not look great but it does feel good. And you can rub my head for good luck :)

4. Haircut Part Two: The only picture of me from the Run Through Redlands half.

For some reason the event did not feature any shots. Maybe nobody was buying them.

5. Giveaway! I will have a giveaway next week. I do believe it will be the first-ever giveaway I've had on this blog. I've been blogging since 2008 and have never done one so you know it has to be good, right? It's also San Francisco related so that means its doubly good. Anyway, check back for more details as I will have lots to give away. Yeah, I will have a first and second place finisher, I've got so much to pass on.


Caroline said...

yeah OC! I hope it will be cool...doing a 10k that day at the Cinco de Mayo race

now I am curious about your SF giveaway!!!

Coy Martinez said...

I like the haircut!! Did I ever tell you that my husbands name is Luis?? Maybe I did, can't remember.

This is gonna be your "marathon year"!! I've always wanted to come to California and run a race! I have a friend that's flying in for Big Sur today to run this weekend. Have you run that one before? Is it far away from where you are?

L.B. said...

@Coy - There are loads of cool races in California, at most any time of year you can find an event worth traveling for. Big Sur is up north, within driving distance but it would probably take me 5-6 hours at least to get there. The OC start line is like 40 minutes maybe. It might be the closest decent-sized marathon to me. I ran one last year that was closer but that had like 70 finishers :)

Amanda said...

I can't believe how many marathon's you're squeezing in this year, but it's inspiring :) Have a great time at OC. I still have a heart for SF and kind of want to run the first half... I do like the haircut, I love it when my hubby goes short with his goatee.

Carrie said...

Wowza, four fulls sounds super awesome! I can't WAIT for SF! It's my first full and I'm excited to rock it.

Kerrie T. said...

I wish I could run more marathons like you! So jealous! Hopefully, next year. The haircut looks cool for summer!