Monday, April 16, 2012

My Line In The Sand

I made an OC Marathon decision (with some help from you guys):

If I survive Tuesday's 20-mile run I'm coming home and registering for the OC Marathon.

Wait... a 20-mile run on a Tuesday? Huh? Unfortunately that's where life put me at, of running 20 miles on a stinking Tuesday morning. And worse yet, I can't start my run until 8 a.m., the latest I'll ever have set out on such a run.

And that poses a little challenge.

Okay, well maybe not that little. As you can see, the temperatures are not runner-friendly. In fact, by noon it will be 80 degrees and the temps could top out at 87 degrees on the day. Hopefully though I will be napping when the mercury rises to near 90.

I wish I could set out on my run at 5 a.m. but I have this whole parenting thing I'm kinda doin, you know, those little girls I'm responsible for. And Mrs. LB is out of town this whole week on business so that further complicates things.

Anyway, if I can get through this run unscathed - and I'm thinking that that means mentally as much as, if not more than, physically - then there's no reason for me not to run OC.

So it's simple then - if I want marathon glory on May 6, then I have to get through this challenging run on Tuesday.


Carrie said...

Best wishes for Tuesday!!

fearlesskate said...

Any chance a neighbor can take your girls to school so you could get out earlier?

Angelina said...

Best of luck!

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Good luck on tomorrow's run!