Thursday, April 5, 2012

TTT: Back From LA and Michigan On My Mind... and Runs

1. Finally Back: Well, that was interesting. I had a couple of weeks worth of runs after the LA Marathon that just did not feel right. Every run was a slog, a struggle to get through and almost to the point that it was not enjoyable. I took nearly two weeks to get done but I got through that. On Sunday, I ran 13.5 miles and felt good. That was two weeks after the marathon. The next day I ran four miles and felt good. Tuesday and Thursday I ran eight miles each day and so far so good. I'm trying for 40-45 miles this week, and if I run 4 on Friday and 15 on Saturday as planned I think I should be able to get there. Most important thing for this week for me is to just get my miles up once more so I can feel like myself again. So far, so good.

2. Michigan Influence: For some reason, quite a few of my readers over the years have been from Michigan. I guess it just worked out that way. So it's kind of ironic then that one of my best running friends now is also from Michigan. He was a first-timer and part of my pace group this past year. He's from some small farming town somewhere, I forget the name. He told me before but I forget. Sorry. Anyway, Dean is in his 50s and ran his first marathon this year, in Surf City. Los Angeles was number two, and OC will be number three. San Francisco will be four and Long Beach number five. I think he's going to go for Las Vegas in December and if he does that he will run six marathons in one year right off the bat. Heck, he'd run six marathons in a span of 10 months. Amazing. We run together often, both our long runs and on midweek runs. Today we just polished off an 8-mile run, in 1:08:15.

3. Michigan Influence, Part 2: Anyway, Dean's been talking about some other marathons and how he wants to run one in Michigan. He's mentioned Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. The first two are in October which would be difficult for me to do but Ann Arbor is in June, which would be great (not this June, but next June, of 2012). I've not presented him with this idea but I might want to tag along to one of those races. I think it would be tremendous to run a marathon with Dean in his home state, to travel with him and experience a destination marathon with a good friend, I can't imagine a better trip. And on top of that, it would be to a place where I might get to meet some of my good blogging friends. If it happens, it would be next year which is fine with me. Gives me more time to warm Mrs. LB up to the idea... haha.


Willoughby said...

I'm glad you've recovered from the LA Marathon. Sounds like you're doing well.

LB is coming to Michigan?! Sweet, even if you're not coming until next year! I hope you'll have time to do lunch or something while you're here.

I'm dying to know which farming town your buddy is from (since I live in "Middle of Nowhere, Michigan").

fearlesskate said...

I love Detroit :) It's a really unique experience in that it is an international race that crosses the border into Canada via bridge and back through the underwater mile! I've done the first half of the marathon twice, and this year I'll experience the second half for the first time. I highly recommend it, and I'll see you state-side for the US-only half :)

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Come on over to MI!! It's a great state :) Detroit was my first half and full, so I highly recommend it. The Canada side is pretty awesome. I've heard great things about Grand Rapids, although it's typically the same weekend. Even though I run in Ann Arbor, I wouldn't recommend that marathon. This year is the first year and the course blows. No fun at all and barely touches on the awesomeness in that city. That's just my 2 cents, let me know when you're coming out!

tahoegirl said...

Um, I vote for Grand Rapids!! Sweet. I really hope you do come. Even if it is to Ann Arbor I'll come see ya 'cuz I went to college there. If it's the "D"...well, I will still come see ya 'cuz Detroit is like nothing else. But consider Grand Rapids. Um, maybe I'd run it with ya. :O)

Redhead Running said...

YES!!! Come to Michigan!!!!! How awesome would that be to finally meet!!! We have some great races here and Ann Arbor is in my backyard, I even work there! Woo hoo! (Although, I would personally advise you to run Grand Rapids or Detroit if you could swing a fall trip, better, more established races and the fall doesn't get any prettier than here in Michigan!)

Nina Smith said...

We've all had our bad days, right? But, from what I read here you're getting back on shape and that's what matters most. I'm so glad that you've found a running friend with you. Keep us updated about that upcoming trip you planned with Dean okay?

Thanks for this post. Cheers!