Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh Yeah, I Have A Half On Sunday

I've been so focused on training for OC and getting in and through my 20-mile run that I have overlooked something important.

I have a half marathon on Sunday. I'm running the Run Through Redlands for the third time ever on Sunday and am looking forward to it.

This race will always be special for me. In 2009, the Run Through Redlands was my first ever half marathon. I ran it again in 2010 and broke the two-hour mark for the first time, finishing in 1:56:58. It was a tremendous race, made more spectacular because I ran it with my good friend Angelina (formerly of Angie Eats Peace). We both broke two hours for the first time and it was so exciting to have someone else fighting and clawing and working towards the same goal. I remember that race vividly, particularly around Mile 10 when we both knew we were going to break two hours and her telling me "We're gonna do it!" I remember not wanting to get ahead of myself but we were under 1:30 at Mile 10 and even if we'd have crashed out with three 10-minute miles, we'd have done it.

After my 2009 race, I was so proud of myself, so happy with what I had done. I mean, it was the pinnacle of my solo running days. I trained for this by myself and ran it alone. Of course, that came with its minuses (I didn't use GU, no Gatorade) but I knocked out a half marathon all alone. And more importantly because I finished I gave myself the confidence that I could go a little further and run a full marathon, which I eventually did in February 2010.

Anyway, my goal for Sunday? Tough to say. I know I won't PR - Redlands is a difficult course, a hilly course, and the race starts at 7:30 a.m. which means that it will get warm and the sun will play a factor in the race. Also, I just ran 20 miles on Tuesday so I'm not sure how sore my legs will be. I don't want to put my upcoming runs and races in jeopardy by trying to PR when I'm not in optimal conditions to do so.

Having said that, I do want a sub-2. I know that much. And I think I can get it. I just have to be smart. I will have quite a few friends out there. I hope to see Angie out there again, and Dean and Kuuipo from my Lopers running group will be there as well. Since it's so local, quite a few Lopers will turn out, so I'm hoping to see a lot of friends and hoping that it will be an enjoyable and memorable day.

If you are new to this blog or haven't been reading/following since mid-2010, here are some links to my previous Run Through Redlands experiences (of course if you have been following since then, it's also recommended you click on here, :) )

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Willoughby said...

Good luck!

Caroline said...

well I will be there for the 10k, also not a PR course plus it will be a hot one!

all the best to you!!

Carrie said...

Good luck!!

My Marathon Training Program said...

Hey, good luck on your half marathon race! Let us know how it goes, okay?

Don't worry about not reaching the PR - just enjoy the raise and something might surprise you.

Thanks for this post!