Thursday, April 19, 2012

TTT: Deals, Codes, OC

1. Exciting Stuff: I wanted to share a few things, but not really share them yet. Did that make sense? Good. Anyway, there are two things I've got in the works and just wanted to give you a heads up about them.

The first...

... and the second...

One involves a giveaway, the other is a great deal on some quality stuff. More details to follow, but I know you will be excited.

2. Run Pics: On Wednesday I shared my epic tale of my 20-mile run. In short, I started late, ran alone and it was warm. Here are some pictures I took before, during and after the run.

My fuel. Should have had more. Roctane flavor was awesome!

I think I was three miles in at this point.

This looks like about Mile 7.

Pretty sure I was 11 miles in.

14.5 miles in. This paved trail is for runners/cyclists/etc., no cars

Right after I got water at park, around Mile 16.

Right after the run. Check out the Real Feel. Yikes!


3. So... So did I register? Um... next question please. Oh yeah, well, um... not yet. Dammit. See, if I register it means it's gonna happen, right? No, actually I guess I'm only 98.37 percent sure and I said that I wanted to be 100 percent sure of running it. And there is one minor detail I need to hammer out thought before I commit. Believe me, if I don't end up running OC and I ran that 20 miles for nothing, I'll commit myself to a mental institution. Not about to have run 20 miles in the heat for nothing.


Johann said...

I love that Roctane flavour too but GU is very expensive here in South Africa. Nice photos! They look hot and lonely and I can get a good idea how you were feeling. Sign up now!

tahoegirl said...

I love Island Nectar Roctane, too. Love that shirt! I think you will be disappointed in yourself if you *don't* register for OC.

Willoughby said...

Nice sneak peek!

Your pictures are great! It looks like there was no one around for miles.

Book Dragon said...

no run is done for nothing.

great pictures

lots of stuff for "run FOR peace" but didn't find anything for IN peace...guess I have to wait for you ;)

Caroline said...

don't wait for the race to be sold out!!

luckily for Sunday looks like I got just one real hill to worry about if the Redlands 10k map is acurate..(it is showing at 6.55 miles)