Sunday, December 21, 2008

No running buddies

Since I've been running now, I've pretty much gone it alone. I've figured out the races I've wanted to run, planned out my own training regimen and executed it all on my own. I never really thought about running with anyone. Until this morning.

On an early-morning outing, I drove by several pairs of runners. They were jogging at an easy pace, probably one that you could hold a conversation with. It struck me at that moment that it would be great to have a jogging pal.

I don't, though. I go it alone, and while that's worked well so far I'd imagine it would be great to have a running partner every now and again.

I suppose I could look into finding a running group. At the last race I participated in, there were several runners wearing the same t-shirt for a running group they were part of. Something like that could lead to finding a running partner or two that I could run with.

For now, though, I'll have to continue my solo journey towards my goals. I'm glad I have my iPod to keep me company.


5thsister said...

I've tried running with people. While okay, and probably safer, (especially if you run at night or very early in the a.m.) I prefer to go alone. For me, running is MY time for prayer and meditation. Thanks for another good post to ponder on.

thrasherswife said...

ohhhh... this has become my running downfall! Although I use to LOVE running alone, last year I started finding it harder and harder to run without friend motivation. I've been running now for about four years, this last year, if I don't have a friend, I find reasons not to run, and if I do run, its a chore, not a joy. I have been using your blog, your running motivation, to find my own once more. One of my new years resolutions, run like I use to, enjoy that I have the strength and health to do so. Its been a couple years since I did my first half marathon race(although I have done the distance on my own many times), the thought ran through my head last night that maybe 09 should be the year of the marathon. The thought of running that many miles is daunting, but maybe its the challenge I need to get me back into the love of running I once had. I could not do without my running buddies, I run faster, longer, and the time flies, but now I'm looking to change the mind set and enjoy once again running with just me and my ipod...

L.B. said...

Well, it seems like I'm doing it the preferred way after all, running alone. I suppose there are positives and negatives to both. For me, I suppose it's more of a social outlet as well since most of my time is spent with girls ages 5 and 3 and while rewarding in many ways it doesn't allow for much time to socialize with fellow adults. My social life, though, vanished a long, long time ago :(

Anyway, TW, I'm glad you find inspiration through this blog. That's what I try and do, to provide tools that others can use while helping myself prepare for and chronicle my own training regimen. Now, I'm not going to go out and tell you "Hey yeah, run a marathon" because, well, that would be easy for me to say right, since I'm not the one doing all the running! But I will say that goals are great motivators. I am really looking forward to the Redlands Half Marathon and the Mud Run, not so much because of the events themselves but because of what that will provide. It will give me something to shoot for, something to plan my training around, a reason to push myself, to get out the door and run six or eight miles, to carefully lay out a plan and try and follow it as closely as possible.

Now, that works for me but I know planning to run a race may not have the same effect on everyone. Still, though, if you do plan to make '09 the year of whatever, be it the marathon or redemption or in my case the year of the two half-marathons, then you will have a good starting point. You will have a great foundation. From there, the rest will follow: motivation, planning, running, etc.