Thursday, July 7, 2011


Remember during the winter when I would brag write about the weather here in SoCal?

If you were a reader then, I'm sure you must. Especially if you live in a landlocked frozen wasteland of a state like... well, like many that aren't California.

Well, all that glitters isn't gold.

It's been very hot around here lately. As in, too hot to run unless you set out before 7 a.m., and preferably before 6 a.m. if you are doing anything longer than five or six miles.

On Sunday, I ran 11 miles. I left on the run at about 6:10 and it was already warm when I set out. Every time I stopped to take a drink or GU or something, the fatigue slapped me in the face. I didn't realize that I was so tired while I was running, but the sun really does a number on you when you do run.

I can't take advantage of the cool not-as-warm-but-getting-there mornings because I can't leave the girls alone here while I run so I haven't been running as much as I would like. It really does make for a strange and difficult schedule - run early or not at all.

(You're probably wondering why don't I just run at night, and while this is a valid point, two things prevent me from that - 1) I enjoy spending the evenings at home with Mrs. LB since she commutes and gets up early and I don't like to just leave her here on weekdays, and 2) I've never really enjoyed running in the evenings.

Anyway, that day above (which is Wednesday, today) doesn't seem too bad and I plan on taking advantage of it. The clouds make a big difference and we have had blazingly clear skies which makes it feel hotter than it is.

Anyway, I know I'm not getting much sympathy for all the times I boasted rejoiced in my good fortune during the winter. We have quite mild winters in SoCal and I'm grateful for that. But that comes with a price, and triple-digit temperatures don't always make for the greatest running conditions.


Morgan said...

Vengeance is mine!!! (And Tahoe Girl's!!!) Eat your words LB, eat 'em!!! ;P

Amanda said...

The heat up here is KILLING me. The sun sets about 8:30 and I won't run in the dark so I wait until at least 7:30 to get the runs done. We do have a cooling trend about to come our way so you can take that for your mildish So Cal winters :)

Coy Martinez said...

Hot sun is a serious fun sucker. It sucks the life out of all of my runs but I just keep telling myself that it only makes me faster in the winter. Or at least I hope so :)

I think it's the getting up early that kicks my butt

tahoegirl said...

Bahahahahaha :OD You poor thing.