Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spectacular Runs, Pictures

Greetings from Mesquite, Nevada.

We are on the last leg of our vacation, as we spent the weekend at Lake Powell in Arizona/Utah. It was an actual vacation for me as I didn't have work to do, which is rare for me. I also got the chance to go on a pair of absolutely amazing runs.

I will have much more on these runs in the coming days but I did want to share my two best pictures from the weekend. In fact, these might be two of the best pictures I've ever taken. Period.

The first picture was in the middle of my run on Saturday morning. It's of Lake Powell, just after sunrise.

The water is like a mirror as people hadn't quite yet been out on the lake carving it up with their boats and jet skis.

The next one is simply majestic. It's called Horseshoe Bend, a place where the Colorado River carved a unique formation.

That's extremely high up, as in a 1,000-foot drop to the bottom. And there were no railings there so you have to be extremely careful. I was of course.

I took loads of pictures during each run and will share them here soon. Anyway, just wanted to say greetings and share these with you now.


tahoegirl said...

Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your vacation.

Coy Martinez said...

Nice! Beautiful pics!! I wanna run there too! Haven't been to Lake Powell since I was 12.