Thursday, July 14, 2011

MIA: Midweek Runs

I'm not quite there yet because I really am enjoying this time right now but pretty soon I will be ready for school to start up again.

Dang, I can't believe I said that out loud... well, you know what I mean.

I love my girls and love the time we are spending with each other. Sometimes I need some space but for the most part we have been having fun doing all sorts of things - namely, Disneyland and riding our bikes.

However, there has been one huge negative to our time together. I have barely been running.

Sad face.

This week, I ran all of five miles. All of them were on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had the same distance - 0. Not sure if I'll be able to run Friday. I might have enough time on Saturday to run 5 and Sunday I'm hoping to do 13. Best case scenario I'll get 23 miles in this week.

My legs want school to start already.

I treasure our vacation though so I don't want it to end yet. The girls will have three full weeks of summer before going back to school on Aug. 9 (which doubles as my birthday). So, come August I will be able to plan runs and actually follow through on them.

Until then, it's just going to be mostly cramming runs in when I have a chance.

Now, while my running has suffered, not everything else has....

After seeing Judy Moody

Joke's on me

Holding a baby lizard

At Disney's California Adventure

Midway through a bike ride

Summer will be long gone before I know it. Next thing I know, the weather will be cool and I'll be longing for a day off with my babies.

So, I'm not ready to hit the accelerator quite yet on our vacation. If I miss runs, I miss runs. I'll chalk that up to perils of being a work-from-home parent.


Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

I know what you mean about missing runs but as soon as the girls are back in school, you'll miss them!

Enjoy this time with them, looks like you're having a blast!

The Jesse said...

i know it sucks to miss runs, but it looks like its been a fun trade off to spend some fun times with your girls :)

Glenn Jones said...

Before you know it, they'll be teenagers and know everything about everything, and then they'll be off to college. The trails and running will still be there. Cherish the time now.