Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. I Know The Way To LA: I know it's quite a ways away, as in more than seven months away, but I signed up for what will be my fifth marathon. I registered for the 2012 LA Marathon. Why so early? Well, a few reasons, but mostly financial. Instead of the $145 it would have cost me, I saved 20 bucks so, with taxes, it cost me $130-something. Wow. Absurd prices, but I'll save that for another blog post. I am quite excited that I signed up because I will run LA next year and because it gives me a target. Plus when I start my pace-group leader duties, I can tell all the newbies that I will pace them through hell if need be and I have the proof to show that - my four marathon medals and my registration for the fifth 26.2-mile torture/glory session.

2. Standout Run: I got my run in for the week on Tuesday when I took the girls to the beach. My youngest brother Jesse went with us and he stayed with the girls while I went running. I say "my run in for the week" kind of half-joking. No runs on Monday or Wednesday and Thursday was looking dicey as of 7 a.m. PT. Anyway, Tuesday's run was grand. Not only did it feel good to stretch my legs but it was great scenery, good weather (maybe a bit too sunny) and the path wasn't too congested. Plus, the route I took was part of the Surf City course, and it never gets old running that. The Surf City course... okay, maybe some of the memories weren't the greatest. I remembered the latter miles, like 23 and 24, and.... those aren't great times. Those are times you just have to endure. Anyway, a splendid run.

3. Planning: Since I'm pace leader and I want/need to go by the Loper training schedule, I don't plan on running another marathon from now until March 18. Long time, I know. But I want to get back into the groove with marathons so I can start to look for marathons in the late spring/summer of 2012, to see what's out there. Without doing too much research yet, my pie-in-the-sky scenario would be Seattle in June and Salt Lake City (Deseret News Marathon) in July. It would be great fun to do both of those in one summer. I ran two marathons in 2010, will run two in 2011 but next year may be the year I am mentally strong and physically able enough to run more than three in one year. These marathons, they're kinda tough ya know.


Tricia said...

wow, #5?super excited for you!

Amanda said...

**High Five** for #5, we're saying that a lot in our house since Kid#1 turned 5 :) Awesome deal. I'm all signed up for my first marathon in October, loving and hating the training- hurts so good!

Whitney said...

Please come to Utah next summer!!!