Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stretch Crawl

I haven't had a chance to run much lately. I think I had like 16 miles last week, maybe less.

To top it off, my bike has a flat tire so I can't even do that right now. Sad.

I'm trying not to be a Negative... uh... Nick.... about it. I've accepted the situation and that's that. Besides, my girls start school on Aug. 9 and so only one more week after this and I'll be running again.

That doesn't mean though that right now I can't lament the fact that there have been some unexpectedly cool mornings (overcast, no sun til 9-10) that I have not taken advantage of and that I feel a bit bummed about it.

Anyway, my girls are starting school as I mentioned before. This has led to some interesting mornings this week around the house. All summer long, I've not woken them up at a certain time. I've let them sleep until they get up by themselves (which has sorta led to my lack of running). Now, they don't sleep all morning. The tend to wake up anywhere from like 7 to 7:45, maybe once in a while one of them will sleep past 8.

But during school, I make them get up at 6:30. I really should make them get up at 6:15 and I might do more of that this school year, but 6:30 even is still much earlier than they are getting up now. So this week we've had the alarm set for 7 and next week I'm going to make it 6:30, just for them to get used to it.

Surprisingly Kennedy has taken to it quite well. Not sure if she has a sixth sense or something but she's beaten the alarm every day. She's been sprite and full of energy in the morning. That's... good I guess. Well, a large dose of 5-year-old energy at 6:45 a.m. is sometimes difficult to deal with.

That part is good. The other part that I've neglected is their actual schoolwork. I thought I would make more time for them to write and do math problems and stuff so they don't start school not remembering anything they learned last year. It hasn't happened. The only thing the girls have done a lot of has been reading. That's a given in our house, that they'll read books. Yvie has read an inordinate amount of books this summer. She's read several books twice or more, chapter books. She's into this series of books called English Roses which were written by Madonna. She also has read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and some Judy Blume books.

Anyway, school's almost here and these last 12 days or so left of summer vacation will be geared towards getting ready for that. For them, it means getting up early and working on some schoolwork. For me, it means biding my time until I can run again.

See, it ain't too bad. Could be much, much worse, right?


Coy Martinez said...

I too had big plans for the kids this summer, especially the boys, I was going to keep doing schoolwork with them but they've spent their summer outside playing basketball and riding bikes. When it's too hot outside they come in and watch a movie on the couch. They've read a bit and worked puzzles but I've sorta enjoyed watching them just enjoy their summer and be boys.

I wish it were cool here, it's 95 it seems every day and getting a run in without wanting to collapse is tough. Yuck!

Willoughby said...

It sounds like you've got things under control.

I, too, had plans to work on some schoolwork with my daughter over the summer, but we really haven't made time for it. I've been pretty casual about when she goes to bed and when she gets up, too. It would probably be a good idea to start getting on track for school, but I love our lazy days. I'm sure it will come back to bite me!

Michael said...

Enjoy your last few days with your girls before school starts back, don't worry about the running. Spending time with them is worth it.

On an interesting note, I noticed the temp on you blog...78 degrees...that sounds truly magical. It has been so hot here, 103 today, with a heat index of 115. My bedroom is literally warmer than your outside temp, it's 80 degrees. When it gets this hot the air conditioning just can't keep up. I'm moving to CA tomorrow.