Friday, May 30, 2008

Back to where it all started

Now that summer is here, the weather will start to get warmer and warmer until the thermometer breaks. 100-degree temperatures are right around the corner, and such weather can severely hamper my outside workouts.

Never fear, though. As summer arrives, so to does the prospect of more free time. Yvie (my daughter) is finally done with preschool and that means no more running around on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's going to allow me more time to do more things, and one of them is going to the gym.

A year ago, I hit the gym hard in June, July and August. I went from 232 in early June to 217 by late July, and this was before I started running on the treadmill. All of that was done on the elliptical, weights and my steady meal plan. I think it was around a year ago when I really started incorporating fruits and vegetables into my meal plan and made them a priority.

Anyway, I'm salivating about the gym. I want to get back into a rhythm in terms of lifting and hitting the gym in general. I still plan on running outside. That much hasn't changed. But it will be nice to know that on the days I wake up without energy to run at 5 in the a.m. I can still perform the cardio for the day at the gym. I want to get back to my 42-minute cardio sessions and mix those in. I think they can still do me a boatload of good. I want to work on my upper-body strength and I want to do some core exercises as well.

My initial plan is to go on Tuesday. I've got my 5K run a week from tomorrow so I want to run on Saturday outdoors and hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. I'd also like to mix in one more outdoor run, perhaps on Monday and/or Wednesday.

I used to dread going to the gym, but now I'm anxious to get back to it, back to the place where I've left so much sweat and so many pounds behind.

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