Friday, May 2, 2008

Influx of fiber

About a week ago I posted about the Abs Diet and the different types of foods you should eat rarely, often and occasionally. After that, I wanted to try and make some serious changes, albeit slight ones at first. I wanted to incorporate more of the "eat often" food group, with specific attention on the fruits and veggies.

I'll get into details in a minute, but I did well to incorporate fruits and vegetables that I hadn't eaten regularly into my meal plan and it actually went off fairly smoothly. I found myself with more choices as a greater variety of fruit took up space in my refrigerator. I'll post up some nutritional information on these fruits/veggies later. I'm compiling a master fruits and veggies list, which I'm calling my "Master Fruits and Veggies List." Pretty catchy, huh? Until then...

Honeydew melon: I didn't realize I liked this until I had some a week ago. I think it's on the "Eat Often" list and I've done just that this week. Pretty tasty. It was about $3 for one bowling-ball sized melon but it yielded quite a bit.

Pineapple: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Absorbent and yellow and... oh wait. I catch myself singing that whenever I try and give my girls pineapple. At first, when I cut it up it was tasty. But lately the flavor has taken on a whole new dimension. It tastes just as sweet as it does now as the canned ones, except much more fresh.

Spinach: How's this? I wanted to get spinach into a meal so I bought a bag of baby spinach. I found a recipe for Spinach Salad with Orange Vinaigrette. The spinach worked out perfectly.

Watermelon: I don't know why I haven't bought watermelon more regularly over the years. It's very tasty. It was one of my favorite fruits growing up and it tasted every good this week as it did when I was 12.

Strawberries: See above.

Blueberries: I bought some blueberries. They're still in the package. I have a bad feeling they might end up in a blueberry muffin recipe I make regularly. Of course, I don't usually have any of the muffins but still...

Celery: Haven't cut up the bunch of celery I have in my fridge. Need to do so.

Sunflower seeds: I've actually had sunflower seeds here for a long time but stopped eating them because I had the notion that they weren't a good snack. Well, guess again. I had almost a whole bag (160 calories per) on Wednesday and it was a good change of pace as far as snacks go.

Whole wheat pasta: Really didn't notice the flavor between the whole wheat penne rigate pasta and the regular penne rigate pasta we had a couple weeks earlier. Can't notice the flavor, healthier for you... sounds like a keeper.

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