Thursday, May 1, 2008

My little saying

I've drawn on countless number of things over the years to motivate myself and now that I'm close to the 130-pound mark it's a lot easier to find motivation. Usually, if I encounter doubts or a tough challenge during a workout I'll say something like "This is nothing, you've done shit 10 times harder" and I can get through it.

But I feel like I have to be in the right mindset before a workout starts in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. And really, when I don't say it or don't focus when I say it, the workouts don't flow so easily.

Here's what I tell myself before every workout (well about 95 percent of them):

Yesterday's over. Can't do anything about it.
Tomorrow is too far away.
It's all about today.
It's all about this moment.
It's all about right now.
Are you willing to give yourself everyhing you have for this moment?
For right now?

I guess it's like a prayer. But it helps me because each day is different. If I slipped up the day before and had an extra serving when I knew I shouldn't have, or if I had a really good workout and I'm afraid I'll just let it get to my head, I need to forget about it and start from scratch.

Also, I try to forget about the next day or the day after or whatever. It really doesn't matter what I have planned in the future because if I'm working out, I need to maximize the workout and the time I'm going to invest in the workout. Also, it nips procrastination in the bud so I can't say 'Oh, I'll do this challenging workout another day' or something to the effect.

I know that during workouts I'll be challenged multiple times and I have to be prepared for that. And that's how I prepare.


Tg said...

I'm so proud of you. You're a fantastic example for our children. This journey proves that there's not a thing in this world you can't accomplish if you want it. Keep running

Ben Harrer said...

i'm gonna put your saying up on the wall in my classroom - more for me than for the kids, but hopefully it'll help inspire them, too...