Friday, May 9, 2008

A tad under four

It was the birds that woke me up this morning. I thought the anticipation of knowing I'd go on another early-morning run would stir me before the sun came up but, as luck would have it, some bird chirping about something roused me from sleep at 5:21 am.

Oh, there's no way.

The run was fresh on my mind but getting up and running three miles wasn't exactly the most enticing thing at that moment. I stayed in bed a few moments before getting up. I remembered that I had set my clothes out in the office and that my brand-new shoes were waiting for me there as well.

I had set everything up for me to get up and go, and I took care of the first part of the plan. Now, I just had to follow through.

Come on, what else are you going to do?

A few minutes later, I set my iPod on System of a Down and I was out on the street. And off I went.

I wanted to run a bit longer on Friday than the usual 2.25 run-around-the-neighborhood. I thought about the Oak Quarry course, which would require a bit of uphill running. I figured I'd do that so I went down 30th, up Florine, out to 34th and over to Armstrong. But as I went down the street toward Sierra, I thought about going up to Gilliam, which was a new route I'd mapped out over the weekend. I remembered it being about 3.4 miles, the same distance as the Oak Quarry run, so I decided to try that. Something new.

I crossed over Sierra and passed a small side street that I would come out of on my way back. I'd go up to Gilliam, down a back street and out this little street here, Karen Street I believe. I turned my attention up towards Gilliam, only...

I don't see anything up ahead.

There was a sidewalk before me, which was good, a long stretch of sidewalk. The street was at a bit of an incline and there was a bike lane adjacent to the sidewalk. But as far as I could tell, it was all sidewalk. No Gilliam.

Still, I plowed ahead. I wondered how long I'd been running for. I wondered how much I'd ran at that point. I remembered having had a digital watch on recently and playing with it and setting the time and it was pretty vivid.

Yeah, it was a dream, stupid.

Oh yeah. I had that dream. I need to invest in a watch.

I tried not to look too far ahead. I didn't want to get discouraged and I was in a good groove. I wasn't tired. I wasn't mentally exhausted or anything. The only problem was that I wasn't getting the good System of a Down songs that I'd hoped for. Oh well.

Finally, I saw the bike lane break up ahead. Or, did it?

No. It's just the incline and the angle I'm at that makes it look like a street up ahead.

Crap. I just had to keep running. There weren't too many cars out on the street that morning, at least not on Armstrong headed to our coming out of Bloomington. I had on a grey t-shirt with the word ARMY in front of it, and I wondered a few times if passers-by thought I was an Army veteran or something.

Look. Finally. Gilliam.

I rounded the corner off Armstrong, off the comforts of a sidewalk and down into a residential neighborhood I'd seen only in December. I remember driving down the street I was now running on during the Christmas season and that not many of the houses there were in the holiday spirit. It was a tiny bit of a downward slope so I wasn't trudging up as I had been on the other side of the houses.

The jaunt back to Karen and out to Armstrong again passed by soon enough and then I was heading down Sierra. About halfway, I took off. I tried to sprint a good portion of the run and I had enough gas to do it. I was flying... okay, maybe not speeding but I was running at a good pace.

I was beat down, though, when I got to the end of Sierra. Back on 30th Street, I got back into a steady pace and before too long I was home.

After I showered I went to check out the route on my trusty account. I noticed that I hadn't run the right route. I had actually ran a little longer. I mapped the precise route I took, down to the places I crossed different streets at, and it came out to 3.75. It's nice but if I knew I was so close to four miles I would have made it an even four.

Oh well. Guess I'll save that run for the next time some annoying bird chirps me awake before 5:30 am.

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dgood said...

That's a pretty good run. Yeah, the only problem with mapping out your runs on walkjogrun is that if you mess up on your route during the run it really throws you off. That happened a little on my 12-miler. I turned off a street too soon and when I realized it, it was too late to go back so it kind of threw off my mental mile markers. And, oh yeah, get a watch.