Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Filling Out The Story

Part of the great thing about having a blog and having regular readers is that I get to share my experiences with others, and hopefully they can entertain, inspire, provoke thoughts or elicit some other response.

So I am calling on you because I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything.

I know that running a marathon is a special thing, and I am certainly feeling so enthusiastic about it. From having read up on others' experiences from their own first marathons (such as this one and this one and this one) and having talked to some of the veteran Lopers on what to expect and how to approach my first marathon, I know it will hold a special place in my heart and soul and mind and my entire being.

The best part about this is that I will chronicle a lot of it, so it will always remain fresh in my mind. There are some great experiences that, when I'm in the midst of them, I think I will remember forever but eventually they sort of blend in with everything else. And I don't want to miss anything right now. In some ways, it's for my own benefit. But in other ways, I want for my daughters to look back and see what their dad accomplished when they were little. I don't know how they will feel but I would do anything to be able to read some of my dad's thoughts and read up on his accomplishments from when he was younger. I'll never have that chance, but I can give that chance to my girls.

So I want to know from you trusty and beloved readers, what things have I not hit on that you would like to know more about?

I've shared with you some of my most inner feelings about not only training for this marathon but making the decision to run one in the first place. I've shared so much already, from my really, really long runs to the shorter runs and many things in between. I've almost taken that next step, from being a sort-of knowledgeable runner capable of finishing a half-marathon to one that is on the brink of running a full marathon.

But this has all been from my perspective. I've been my own editor, if you will, and sometimes I get caught up in things that I think are important. And while they may or may not be, I might be missing something.

So what do you think I should blog about? What questions/topics do you want answered now that I might regret not exploring? Should I take some more pictures of... myself? something else? Am I missing anything? or rather... What am I missing?

Anyway, you all have been such a big boost during this whole training regimen I've undergone and I'm indebted to you for that. So even if you can't think of anything else, thanks for just being here and taking an interest.

Because you could be doing other things, like working or cleaning the house or some other menial task.


5thsister said...

It may seem to you that you haven't "covered it all" but I feel you've done an excellent job. Maybe others will have suggestions for you but I'll just say keep on with what you're doing!

Jephy's Mom said...

I agree 100% with 5th sister. You always tell a good story.

Kerrie T. said...

I think you are great at including all the necessary details! Love reading your training recaps. :)

Morgan said...

Just keep blogging about you, your experience and the whole process. That's what we come here for silly! No need to focus on anything more than that, we want to read about what you have to say.

As far as marathon day goes, I want to give you a little advice... When you get a chance afterwards, maybe even pack a little notebook (I've started doing this actually) just start writing down anything you think of regarding the race. Little details, even if they seem insignificant because when you start to put it all together they will help you remember so much. The marathon is such an overwhelming, detail overloaded experience and you'll find yourself re-reading your recap more times than you think. I still re-read mine sometimes... and I'll remember something and update it. You'll go back to it after a tough run or a bad race and it'll remind you of your journey, your accomplishment and that you did it! I seriously can't wait to read yours I just know you're going to do great! Keep inspiring!

Katie A. said...

I agree with everyone so far - you have done a great job. And we are here to listen to what ever you want to express. It's your blog, your experience and your marathon and it is unique only to you.
Enjoy the process (I think you already are) and let it just happen. You can overthink the marathon, and that is a double edged sword, but when you just do what you have been training to do you will be fine! I am thrilled to be following you during all this and always enjoy reading your latest thoughts and experiences. Keep up the good work! :)

Willoughby said...

Don't change a thing! Your blog is perfect just as it is!

Lisa said...

I think you should keep on doing what you're currently doing.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I like it just the way it is...I know that's not very helpful! You describe your planning, your experience and your training in great detail, I almost feel like I've worked out after reading (which would explain why I still haven't lost much weight, I guess I should acutally DO the running!).

Angie Eats Peace said...

I would like to hear about more non-running things, here and there.
Maybe movie or book reviews.

Also, how do you balance life, in the midst of running?
I think that is the thing I have the most trouble with. Balancing, work, life, relationships, fun, and running.

Gracey said...

I agree with Angie. I would like to read more about non running stuff.

But the coverage of the marathon experience... it has been great so far. Keep it up!

Tricia said...

I think youre doing a great job! I've enjoyed reading about the progress so far.

thrasherswife said...

I think you do a great job balancing things out - always enjoy reading your posts!