Thursday, January 14, 2010

Makes And Misses

Sunday is my 22-mile run. I've been trying not to think too much about it, but when I do I can feel my legs get all tense and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach.

Our pace leader told us last week to consider this as a dress rehearsal for the marathon, which includes some of the carbo-loading and midweek stuff. Well, I haven't laid off the running entirely this week but I'm trying to follow a carb-filled diet.

But I am taking the "dress rehearsal" part to heart. I am going to dress like I am going to at Surf City. That way, I can feel if the clothes I wear are proper or not, if they work for me or not. So, some things have made the cut for this weekend and others didn't. The ones that made the cut for Sunday's 22-miler may or may not reappear at Surf City. I'm testing things out after all.

Made the Cut:
my fabulous BlackBerry Bold in my running thing, whatever it's called

Doesn't my phone look so great in there? The only thing is the headset connects from the side so I have to kind of put it in there a bit off, but trust me that's nothing. I've ran with my phone twice already and it works great. I do have to figure some things out though because it kept pausing on me, well, like three times in about 40 minutes, but that's minor stuff that I'll figure out. The headset/hands-free kit is another issue. The things wouldn't stay in quite snug enough and the last thing I want to do at Surf City is hold an earpiece to my ear for 26 miles. That is up in the air.

Missed the Cut:
my old trusty iPod, beat up but still working

Perhaps as a reminder that it was not the best thing to take to Surf City, the iPod crapped out during the end of Wednesday's run. Well, not entirely crapped out but I could only hear out of ear for the last song. Not good.

Made the Cut:
light-as-air running shorts I got for Christmas

These are my No. 1 running shorts. The only issue, and this is a small issue in the overall scheme of things, is that they have no pockets. For Surf City, I'm planning on taking at least five packets of Gu with me, and I'm not sure if I can cram them all in my fuel belt pocket. I shall try that before Sunday's run. But I'm probably going to pin one or two of the packets on the belt and have three in the pocket.

By the way, you like my Dodgers blanket, don't you?

Missed the Cut:
great pair of shorts, very light as well

I'd like to wear these or another similar pair if my No. 1 pair doesn't work well for me on Sunday. I like the pockets on these as you can't really feel what's in the pockets when you run.

Made the Cut:
blood, sweat and tears have poured on this

Notice the stains by the word "Riverside" and the 2009? That, my friends, is blood. From my nipple. I will actually tape them up before Sunday's run, so I won't be adding any more fresh blood to this shirt. I actually haven't worn this shirt a lot lately. I wore it for every run through December or so, plus during the Mission Inn 10K and the Holiday Classic 15K. But that's the last time I wore it. I decided that I want to wear it for Surf City, so I'm going to wear it on Sunday.

Missed the Cut:
black Nike dri-fit shirt, veteran of the Mud Run and Ragnar Relay

This is probably my favorite running shirt and probably what I would wear for a race if I wasn't set on wearing pink.

Made the Cut:

warm gloves that stay dry as well

It's going to be cold on Sunday morning, probably in the high 40s if the previous weeks' temperatures repeat on Sunday. Surf City will also be cold at the start, so I need gloves. Well, right now I think I need gloves. We'll see if I change my mind because I'd just as soon not wear them, but for now the gloves stay.

Now, what's up with the gloves? Shouldn't I try and match the gloves with my shirt?

Missed the Cut:
Yvie's gloves, hearts galore



Kerrie T. said...

Oh man, I want to wear Yvie's gloves!

This is a cool post, LB. Hope Sunday's 22-miler goes great!

5thsister said...

I won't be around this weekend but I look forward to hearing how it goes on Sunday. Oh, and I'm coveting Yvie's gloves, too!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

When I first saw Yvie's gloves I thought, "Maybe he's wearing those to match with the shirt?". lol, I need to put on my reading glasses!

Mark said...

Real men wear pink gloves with hearts on them.

(Please note, I will not be wearing those gloves either.)

Christy said...

Can't wait to hear about your 22-miler! I sort of wish I would've followed a training plan that had a 22-miler in there. 4.2 is a lot more managable than 6.2 when you think about the remaining distance of a marathon!

You'll do great, and don't stress! You can do it! (Say that with your best Rob Schneider impersonation...)

tahoegirl said...

i think you should totally go with the pink gloves! happy thoughts for your sunday run. (i am getting so excited for your marathon)

ChristineM said...

Grace has the same gloves as Yvie! I think you should wear them! Good luck!

Angie Eats Peace said...

How did everything work out? This was definitely a good idea.