Saturday, January 16, 2010

Open Letter To 22 Miler

Dear 22 Miler,

My name is LB and I'm going to be in your company on Sunday. I heard you can be tough on runners, especially those you haven't met before so I thought I'd introduce myself. Maybe we can become friends, and then we can have a better go at it Sunday morning.

I've only been running since 2008, and I don't think I earned my runner label until the end of '08 so really it's been about 18 months or so that I consider myself a runner. But I've come a long way since then. I've run a 5K, three 10Ks, a 15K, a really cool race called the Mud Run (twice) and a really, really cool race called the Ragnar Relay. I've also run a half marathon.

Are those strong enough credentials to be in your presence? Not quite? Okay, let me continue.

We have some friends in common. I met your friend 18 Miler in Seattle. Actually, it was in a place called Renton. He was a little grumpy. Maybe it's because it rains a lot there, and the weather was affecting him. We were all wet during the whole run, and he just sorta kicked me in the butt towards the end. I really don't know what his problem was, but maybe it was just me.

I also met your buddy 20 Miler, just before Christmas. He was pleasant enough - well, as pleasant as 20 Milers can be (don't take that the wrong way, 22 Miler) - but I could still feel his effects two days after we met.

The last two weeks I've logged totals of 27 and 33 miles, and after we meet on Sunday, if all goes well, I'll crack the 40-mile mark with your help. The week I met 20 Miler, I'm sure that was a week of more than 30 miles.

So you see 22 Miler, I've been running a lot lately and I do consider myself a runner. So when we meet up on Sunday, I hope it all goes well.

I think I know what you look like, so I'll look for you. But I'll be the guy in the pink shirt in case you wanted to say hi. Yeah, pink... I can explain. Actually, since we'll be in each other's presence for nearly four hours, possibly more, we'll save that bit of conversation for our journey.

See you on Sunday!




Kerrie T. said...

LOL! Man, I hope he's nice to you.

Morgan said...

Priceless! I hope he treats you well! I freaked out before my first and ya know what... it WAS tough but I gutted it out and felt like a champ! Good luck!!!

tahoegirl said...

too funny. good luck, LB.

Willoughby said...

Great way to prepare for your big run! Good luck, my friend!!

Tricia said...

LOVED this!

And I know you'll do great.

I'm meeting his 1/2 brother Mr. 10 Miler tomorrow. (get it??half.)

Ok, that was dumb.

But either way this made me smile. Good luck! :)

Zoë said...

Excellent! Go make friends with 22 Miler...I'm sure he's just a tough guy on the outside, but a softie once you get to know him. And I'm sure he'll love your pink shirt. :)

Have fun and good luck!

ChristineM said...

Very funny! I think he's going to like you!

Good luck! We'll be rooting for you from the east coast!

thrasherswife said...

You are going to do AWESOME - 22 miler will be impressed. As will the rest of us - break a leg - um, I mean have fun!! Can't way to hear all about it!!

Tricia said...

Ok, I came back to say I'm an idiot :)

I was just sitting here thinking about my run tomorrow and how its really not that long compared to my long term goal (marathon), and then this post popped into my head and suddenly I had a "doh" moment.

yeah.....I am aware 10 is not "1/2" of 22. I just wasnt paying attention. And now I'm slightly embarrased. :)

L.B. said...

I knew what you meant ;)

Thanks for the laugh :D

And thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Christy said...


You're probably running right now. Hope you're doing well, as I'm sure you are!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Pink shirt huh? Nice!

You will do ready, I think the 22 miler will respect you!

thanks for the vote of confidence on my blog/marathon decision!! It will be along road, as made clear by your post!

5 Miles 2 Empty said... will do really well! maybe that is what I meant to type!? Either way, good luck!