Monday, January 25, 2010

Motivational Mondays (Jan. 25)

I've still got one more double-digit mile run before Surf City.

I can't do anything stupid these next 13 days.

I have to see this two-week taper through both on the fitness and nutritional ends.

I'm not quite to Feb. 7 yet.

But 95 percent of my training for Surf City is complete. And damn, does that feel good.

When I dropped an entire person's worth of weight from my body, I proved to myself that I have the ability to do things that are extremely difficult, things I never thought would have been possible. And now that I'm on the brink of running my first marathon, I've once again shown that I can tackle something I never thought possible head on, and I'm 13 days away from conquering that hurdle.

Now, I'm not trying to brag. I don't like to brag. And I don't consider myself special or unique. But what I do like to do is take a look at what I've accomplished, hopefully to inspire someone out there.

Believe me, I was the least likely candidate to run a marathon. Until early 2006, I was your typical fat guy - I sat around, ate way too much, never exercised, had no interest in nutrition and health and fitness let alone running.

Four years later, I'm set for a marathon.

The change didn't happen overnight. It took a long time to lose the weight, then a long time to become a runner, and then a long time to train for a marathon. But the change happened, which is the most important thing. I remember sometimes (often?) during my weight-loss journey feeling anxious, like I wanted all the weight gone ASAP, and also feeling as if I would have been more dedicated or concentrated I would have lost all the weight already. Patience is important, I've learned, in both losing weight and running. You can't lose 50 pounds in two months and do it in a healthy manner. And you can't go from running 3-5 miles and run a marathon in two months either, at least not in a healthy manner.

But you can accomplish things you never thought possible. I know it sounds cliche but just take things a step at a time, take things as they come and you will get there. I never would have thought that A) I would lose 120 pounds and B) I would want to run a marathon and C) I would train for and run a marathon. All but the last part of that have happened.

The pounds will come off.

You will be able to handle the added miles.

You just have to want it and dedicate yourself.

I wanted it, still want it.

I'm dedicated.

And I'm ready.


Ange said...

Truly an inspiration.

Kerrie T. said...

Very inspiring, LB! Congrats -- you're almost there!

Katie A. said...

So true! Coming from the same background as you, I never thought I would be where I was today completing what I am. I remind myself constantly, too. You need to, or you could loose sight :)
Taper week also makes you very contimplative, enjoy it! You're going to do awesome! :)

Willoughby said...

A great reminder that you can't accomplish your goals overnight. I'm a pretty patient person by nature, but I do get caught up in wanting to achieve all of my fitness goals right now! Your words were just what I needed to change my mindset!

tahoegirl said...

brag away my friend. you deserve it! i can not wait for your post Feb 7!!!!(BTW i joined a running group in hopes that it will give me the guidance that it has given you -- first long run was saturday -- 6 miles :o)

Lisa said...

It's ok to brag L.B. When you've accomplished that much bragging is ok.

Wanting "it" is the key to success. Whatever our "it" is, you have to want it bad enough in order to accomplish it.

Good luck with taper... I hear that's the hard part.

Looking forward to your marathon recap.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the recipe link L.B. I printed it. I hadn't thought to mix in veggies with the pasta. See, that's how lame I am in the kitchen.

Angie Eats Peace said...

You are SO ready!