Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10K Hopes And Goals

On the first day of May, I will run race number five of the year. That averages out to one a month!

Before the year started, I knew 2010 would hold an awesome race calendar but I just wasn't sure what it would look like. The pieces are falling into place as my calendar is set through July, with the San Francisco Marathon the latest addition.

I also knew that I would run at least one 10K this year but wasn't sure which one. Saturday's Run For Rescue 10K is that race, and not one I'd had on my radar on Jan. 1.

So what do I hope to accomplish on Saturday?

* New PR

Every time you race, you want to set a new PR, right? Maybe. Not necessarily, but for me this is true for this race. This will be the fourth 10K I've ran and I set a new PR the last time out. Like the last time I ran a 10K, entering this race I feel I am in my peak physical condition. I'm coming off a great half-marathon and need this 10K to continue my preparation for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run as well as the beginnings of my marathon training.

The new PR actually goes along with my next goal...

* Break The 50-Minute Mark

My 10K PR is 50:24, and while I was proud of that and still am proud of that, I feel that I can beat that time and get under 50 minutes. I've been improving my times of late, finished a 5K in 23:03, ran a sub-2 hour half-marathon and now I'm trying to break the 50-minute mark. I'd have to run a pace close to an 8-minute mile, but that will be tough.

* Run Strong For The Entire Race

There are times in races where I'm just struggling. At Redlands, I had a tough final mile. There were also times in my 5K in March, when I PRd, that I felt like I was fading. But I don't think those count as not running strong. During the 10K in November, I know I eased up some. It was during Mile 3 when I was feeling good about the first two miles, and for some reason I just started to relax. All of the sudden a group of about seven runners slowly passed me up, and I was thrown off by that. I had relaxed too much and that was not a good feeling. I don't want to let up any on Saturday. If I fade because I'm tired, fine, but I don't want to relax. I'm actually looking at the race as a 49-minute tempo run, so I just have to keep up the tempo and keep my legs churning for 49 minutes.... or 50 minutes... could be a 50-minute tempo run.

* Beat Danny

Can you believe Danny holds a faster PR than I do in the 10K? My brother Danny finished the 2008 Mission Inn Run with a time of 49:54. I cannot let him have his moment of glory once more.

* If All Else Fails

So if I don't beat my time or I don't reach my goals, will I be disappointed? Of course not. The thing about running is, you will get humbled from time to time... often, even. I'm going in confident, yes, but I know how quickly things can sour.

If I go out there and run a good race, whatever time I finish in I'm going to be happy with. Race time, I'm figuring out, is a strong reflection of your training as much as anything else. And I've been happy with my training, so we'll see what that translates to.


Morgan said...

I know you'll do great but like I said in my race recap from this weekend "They can't all be PR's" so even if race day doesn't pan out good for you for keeping a positive attitude! Every run/race should be a learning experience, make/take the most out of them and grow from each experience. Good luck!!!!

Katie A. said...

You're going to do great! PR's are nice, but running races is even better. I have a feeling though, a sub 50 or 49:54 is doable for you!
BTW, I HATE the 10K, worst distance ever! So I bow to your excellance in wanting to even tackle it :) Good luck!

Jill said...

Yep, definitely beat your brother, that's mandatory :). Good luck...I think the sub-50 is out there for ya!!!!