Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Write On - Forgetful

My awesome blog buddy Nicole of Tattoos and Teething Rings has her bi-weekly writing prompt up, and I figured I'd participate. Why not? It's for a good cause... the cause being her blog of course. If you haven't checked out her blog, why the heck not?

Anyway, the latest writing prompt:

2) Write about your worst personality trait or bad habit. Be honest; none of this "My worst habit is that I'm so kind to everyone...blah blah blah." Time to fess up! (And, since you are aware of this bad habit or trait, is there a reason you haven't changed?)

Easily my worst personality trait is that I am forgetful. In fact, in the spirit of this post, I forgot all about it.

Now, I don't forget everything. I have some very tight deadlines for work, for instance, and manage to meet them. I don't miss them and I do well to get my work done, sometimes early, usually right on deadline. I don't forget birthdays and anniversaries (no way!).

But don't ask me to tell you where I left my wallet or my keys at because I may not know off hand.

This morning, for instance, I went to the grocery store. Got in the car, backed it out of the garage, got on the street, put it in drive and promptly pulled over in front of my own house. Why? I forgot my wallet.

There are about three places where I put my keys and wallet, and if they aren't in one of those places, I will storm through the house, angry at myself because I forgot where I put them. It is beyond infuriating. Like this morning, they weren't in the usual place but rather in my backpack. I'd put them in my backpack yesterday, but of course forgot about it.

I forgot to charge my rechargeable triple-A batteries on Friday night so on Saturday morning, I didn't have them to put into The Garmin. But I figured it had one good run left in it. Of course, it didn't. Less than 10 miles into my 15-mile run, The Garmin died on me.

I'm so forgetful, it's amazing I manage to keep all of my running things in order. I've set aside space in my office for my running gear: The Garmin, the strap thingie my iPod goes in, headphones, body glide, things like that. Most of the time, those things actually find their way there, but sometimes I'm scrambling around the house at 5:45 a.m. looking for something.

If my limbs weren't firmly attached to my body, I would go about my business minus a digit or two.

Lists and things like that don't really work for me. Not sure why. I've actually forgotten where I put lists sometimes, shopping lists for instance. I've made lists before and then, as I get to the grocery store realized that I left the list at home. A lot of good that does.

I sometimes wonder if I closed my garage door on my way out. It's actually so routine and common to me that I don't remember actually closing it but my mind must wander when I do so because I always come home to a closed garage door.

One of my biggest fears before Yvie went to school was that I would forget to pick her up. Seriously. I worried that I'd just be going about my business and then realize that school had let out 30 minutes before. That too has never happened, but I still worry about it.

I saw this prompt on Friday, meant to get started and then it slipped my mind until this morning.

I guess that's in the spirit of this post, right? To have forgotten about it?


5thsister said...

Love it Luis!

I cannot tell you how many times I have turned around and headed home because I thought I left the garage door open.

Good post. I'm sure you did Tats proud!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

This is a good one! I may have to have Felix read it, he loses his keys all the freakin time. We have a key hook near the door and a great little table in the living room, and he somehow manages to leave them in the weirdest places.

Thank you for not forgetting to play along!

Willoughby said...

I'm pretty forgetful sometimes, too. I don't lose things so much as I can't remember if I've done something. Did I turn on the dishwasher? Did I lock the door? Drives me crazy!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I hate forgetting things. I remember so much useless information, but can't remember anything of actual relevance.
: /

Lauren said...

Oh man this is funny to read today because I left my cell at home this morning! I'm now at work with no means of communication (though I could use the landline at work....**gasp**)

Good post! I may have to start these writing prompts it seems like a lot of fun!

Raoulysgirl said...

I'm with Su. I don't really lose many things...but I am constantly worrying about forgetting to do things...and I often do forget to do them.

I used to call it "Mom Brain"...however, since you do it to, I guess that's out! We'll call it "Parent Brain" from now on!

Amanda said...

I think it comes with having young children. I'm constantly grabbing my watch or sunglasses from my 2 year old and placing them somewhere out of reach and then not knowing where they are the next time. I tell ya kids mess up everything :)