Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Leftovers (April 9)

 Some randomness to get you going this Friday.

Word Association

As always, play here.

1. Philanthropy :: Philosophy
2. Said :: Spoke
3. Blanks :: Gun
4. Tapas :: Paella
5. Orgasm :: Loud
6. Movement :: Front
7. Detention :: Afterschool
8. Restaurant :: Menu
9. Weird :: Strange
10. Sniffle :: Sneeze

Explanations: They're all pretty self-explanatory. As far as detention goes, I used to get a lot of detentions in high school. I'd get Saturday detentions and we'd have to go to school on Saturday, sit in a room for four hours and be quiet. The only things we couldn't do was put our heads on our desk or talk. It was actually enjoyable for me as I've always liked some quiet, alone time. It was a chance to relax, read the paper, get some work done, and have time to myself. I used to get the detentions for ditching school. Not the greatest idea I ever had.

Running Playlist

Okay, so the moment we've all waited for is nearly here. My hour of hell is upon us. My plan is to run to Kerrie's playlist bright and early on Friday, so either you are reading this right before my run or sometime shortly after. I'll update when I get back from my run so keep an eye out for that.

This is how I've re-arranged the playlist.

When I sent Kerrie my playlist, I titled it "LB's Ultimate Playlist/Kerrie T's Worst Nightmare." However, I definitely had the shortest straw pulled for me, hence the album name for my run. Ha. That was a Metallica reference. They have a song called Shortest Straw. I'd rather listen to that song over and over again for an hour than LB's Worst Nightmare.

Anyway, I figure I'll get the worst of the worst out of the way. Kesha (which Mrs. LB informed me is actually Ke$ha, pronounced keh-shu) is the one I'm fearing the most. I'll just suck it up and get past that. Metro Station might be even worse so that one's up first.

I had wanted to go run Mt. Rubidoux but I might run around my house instead. I might run over The Hill. Usually I can get seven miles on that route. It's just an over-and-back, so if I don't make it out to Mt. Rubidoux I'll do that.

And if you happen to drive by me, I'll be the runner with tears in his eyes.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Did you hear anything in the news about the major earthquake that struck northern Mexico last weekend? Well, it was pretty big.

Check it out:

I kind of re-arranged that in order to make it fit. A lot of those numbers are coordinates and time and such, but the relevant number is the magnitude in red next to MAP.

Yeah, a 7.2 earthquake.

We felt it. We were at my parents' house after having had an Easter lunch together. We felt it but it was mild, nothing bad. A few minutes later we saw that it was a 7.2. We're lucky it was about 150-200 miles southeast of us and its epicenter was nowhere near any sort of large urban areas.

I've never felt a 7.2 earthquake, and even though I technically felt it, I didn't come close to feeling the brunt of the damage. A friend of mine said he was in San Diego during the earthquake and he said it felt like he was surfing. Of course, he was in the second story of a home down there, but nothing happened save for the water in the house's pool splashed everywhere.

Oh yeah, check this out.

Those are all earthquakes. The magnitude is on the far left and the epicenter is the location on the right. Anything in red is I believe greater than a 3.0. Now, this is all of California and registers earthquakes in Baja California (Mexico) and Nevada, but this is about 90 minutes' worth of seismic activity. All these quakes in less than two hours.

Welcome to California.


Michelle said...

Found your blog through Kerrie T. Interested to see how you do running to her playlist! Great idea. It is difficult to run to someone else's tunes.

Willoughby said...

I can't wait to hear your feedback after running to Kerrie's playlist!

I heard about the 7.2 earthquake. Scary! We get earthquakes in the midwest, but they're not usually strong enough to notice in my neck of the woods. We have more of a problem with tornadoes.

Katie A. said...

You are killing me with this running soundtrack! I might have to take back my suggestion of switching with you...I don't want to be smeared here on Muddy Runner!!!

I have felt the big 7.1, I live in the SF Bay Area and lived through the 1989 big one. I was 9, and our house was destroyed (it was built in the '20's). I was traumatized by it, and to this day I am always fearful and many times the thought crosses my mind, "if an earthquake hit right now, how would I get out?" And then recently with my brother in Chile for the big one, I am super aware.

There is no doubt about it, a big one is coming. They are coming larger and bigger and closer together. We can only be prepared, and that I am!!! I am constantly restocking supplies in the garage and our cars. Crazy? Maybe...but when you're 9 years old and your home is demolished by an earthquake, you kind of always have it in the back of your mind.
And on that note...Happy Friday!

Lauren said...

Good luck! You can do it :D

Christy said...

This cracks me up! I'm not ashamed to admit that my playlist includes both Kesha and Metro Station. BUT it also has a lot of great Metallica songs on it, too. I'd like to call myself a well-rounded playlister.

Can't wait to hear about the run! hahaha

Raoulysgirl said...

I was so glad when you posted on FB that you guys were fine after the quake! I thought of you, Tiffany, and the girls as soon as I heard about it!