Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another First

Saturday is my next race, a 10K in nearby Rancho Cucamonga. But that's not the only reason why that day will be memorable.

After the 10K is the Kiddie K, and running in it will be Yvie and Kennedy.

It will be their first race! The girls are pretty excited about it, and I'm happy they feel that way. I signed them up because they wanted to run and I want to encourage them to run, but I am not sure what to expect from the day. It seems that Kennedy is the one who is most excited about running - in general, not just this race - but Yvie was game for the race so I signed her up as well.

We went running recently at the track, and while we were able to take some cool pictures I am not sure if they felt the same love for running as I do.

I have no idea how to go about helping the girls run. I'm not sure what is realistic for 6- and 4-year-olds. I'm hoping the race on Saturday helps me figure out what they are capable of and then we can go from there. I want them to enjoy running and if they are too young to do so right now, then I'll adjust accordingly.

But they have the desire to run, even if it's only because their dad runs a lot. So if they want to do it, then I'm open for it.

We have to go out running at least once more this week, with the girls. I may have them do some sprints or something, or just try and keep up for a little bit. But either way, I think they'll be excited about the race come Saturday. And that's all I want, really, for them to feel excited about running.


tahoegirl said...

what a sweet picture. hope the girls have fun.

Whitney said...

Cute picture with your girls! That will be fun to be with them in their first race.

Lisa said...

Great pic L.B. Check out Girls on teh Run (Google it), also I've seen some books at the book store about children running.

I think it's great that they are running in the kiddie race. You are setting a great example for them.

Mark said...

I think at first, it needs to be about fun for them. If they express interest in doing better, that's when I'd worry about it.

Then again, I just run for fun. I know I can't race. So maybe that's where I'm coming from.

Morgan said...

That pic should be your new header seriously, as much as you are a runner you are a father! LOVE IT! Good luck this weekend to all of you!

thrasherswife said...

Great photo!! Let them ease into it naturally. Sometimes my daughter wants to run, then months and months go by and she has no desire. Both my kids have done a race, and they loved it. Have they asked to do one again, no, but they LOVED the one they did do, and the metal they received afterward! Memories are priceless.

Marathonman101108 said...

That is indeed a great pic. I agree that it should go at the top of your blog. I'm guessing that you and the girls will have a great time on Saturday.

Kerrie T. said...

Fantastic picture! Oh, they're going to have fun. Races are exciting!

I think they will grow up being inspired by you, dad. T Junior already "gets" that mommy runs. Yesterday, he pointed at a picture on my blog. It was just me in my BondiBand or something and he said, "Mama running." They get it.

Michelle said...

Awesome picture! Have a great time!