Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Leftovers (April 30)

Leftover post of thwarted blog thoughts.

Word Association

Play here.

1. Hell :: Hot
2. Scott :: Name
3. Dominion :: Old
4. Stunt :: Double
5. Cougar :: Lady
6. Columbia :: University
7. Gasp :: Air
8. Cancerous :: Tumor
9. Bitty :: Itty
10. Quit :: Give up

Explanations: Old Dominion is a college I think, I remember them from when I used to follow college basketball closely and they were in the tourney every now and then; cougar... ha, at what age does cougar-dom begin? 35? 40? Guess it depends who you ask :)

Pink Shirt, Part II

Thanks to everyone for commenting on the retirement of the beloved pink shirt. I have a 10K on Saturday and already know what I'm going to wear and it won't be pink.

A couple of points about the pink shirt that you may or may not have known:

* It's 50 percent cotton. That shirt used to tear my nipples apart (as pictured here, uh, not the nipples...)

Blood stains on the right
I got to wearing an undershirt with this. That helped alleviate the nipple bleeding, but didn't solve it. So usually I would wear tape on the nips, an undershirt and then this short over. I got used to it, and really wasn't a big deal once I did.

* I wore it religiously for the first 2-3 months of the Lopers, but once we started running 10-12 miles or so, I started to mix in other gear. Still, since I knew I was going to wear it for Surf City, I wore it on my 22-miler and I believe the 20-miler as well.

* That's the only pink shirt I've ever worn in my life. I am not sure that I would wear pink outside of Loper shirts.

* I had mentioned yesterday about the future of me wearing pink, but had inadvertently inserted a typo. I will wear pink again. I retired this shirt but since pink is the color of the Lopers, and I'm a Loper 'til I die, I will represent my club's colors with pride. If that's pink, that's pink. If that's purple, that's purple. If it's pink and purple with unicorns and kittens... I might have to find a new club :)

Run For Rescue Playlist

For Saturday's 10K, I decided to come up with a simple playlist. It's all Metallica. But the cool thing is that it's all songs that are about 7-8 minutes long, so that way I know where I need to be depending on the length of the song.

Here's the playlist and the song length:

1. That Was Just Your Life (7:08)
2, Disposable Heroes (8:16)
3. All Nightmare Long (7:58)
4. Ride The Lightning (6:36)
5. One (7:26)
6. Damage Inc. (5:30)
7. Dyers Eve (5:13)

Now, I'm not going to run 5-minute miles ever, unless the Grim Reaper is chasing me, but the last two songs add up to 10 minutes (I am a math whiz in case you were wondering). I figure by the end of the seventh song I will either be done or close to it. I am not sure exactly how long this playlist is but I need to run faster than an 8:06 pace if I want to PR. So only one song is more than eight minutes, therefore this playlist should help me reach that goal.

I threw in a song that's 6:36 in length knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to reach that but I figure if nothing else it keep me honest. I want to try and pick up the pace halfway through to try and get my negative splits on, so that will help.

And if this playlist does not help me PR, I will be fine with that. It will be an enjoyable time anyway, and I love all these songs so that's a win-win for LB.

iMac For The Fam

We needed a new desktop computer. Our old one was in a coma - and luckily we'd backed up all of our stuff onto an external hard drive. So we were researching new computers and wondered about an iMac. I was thisclose to getting a Mac when I needed a new laptop about a year ago, but opted against it. But I was open to researching it this time around for the desktop. After all, we wanted something that would last for a while, possibly until the girls get to middle school, and wanted something that would work when we needed it to. Our old computer was kinda moody, and we didn't want that from a new one.

Last weekend, we went down the our local Apple store to talk to the reps (after my brother Danny had given me some of his thoughts on Macs, since he has one). After about five minutes, I was sold. Mrs. LB was sold a little bit later, and that night we had our new iMac sitting in our office.

I've really only used it to surf the net - I'm still getting the hang of it - but I can already say that this thing is absolutely awesome. I haven't even scratched the surface with this, since it has so many programs I've yet to explore, but from what little I've seen and done I can tell we will get a lot of use out of this.

Do any of you have an iMac? Any tips you'd be willing to share?

We got the Mac equivalent of Office - it's called iWork - and that looks fairly easy to adjust to. I'm anxious to explore the photo program - iPhoto - and will do so once I upload my thousands of pictures on here from my external hard drive.

All in all, I've been happy with our purchase and can't wait to find time to sit down in front of it and really get to some exploring.

Oh, and for my awesome blog buddy Kerrie... sorry!! Tell Mr. T not to take it personally :(


Willoughby said...

I'm waaaay behind in my blog reading. I didn't know you were retiring your pink shirt. Is that taps I hear playing??

I need a new computer so bad, and I hear such great things about Macs. They're so much more expensive than PC's, but if they're better and more reliable, I'm sure it's worth the price. I can't wait to hear how you like yours.

Kerrie T. said...

Hahahaha! I like the apology at the end. I actually use a PC AND a Mac at work, but I have no tips for you. Going back and forth can be tricky.

Hope your all-Metallica list gets you a PR. :)

Katie A. said...

Pink and purple and with unicorns? I would def show up to see you race in that! Ha!
Wow, those are some narley stains, I can't believe you could wear two shirts! I get so hot when I run! Sports bras are about all I can handle!
Good luck this weekend! Love the playlist - I think you have this PR in the bag! Don't forget to update your FB status when you finish! I will be anxious to hear how it goes!!! Good luck buddy!