Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Challenge

The last couple of days have been trying physically.

In the last 48 hours, I've ran 10 miles, laid in bed for hours, felt my body temperature rise and fall like a yo-yo and, for good measure, vomited.

Nothing like a good little illness to prepare for the Long Beach Half Marathon.

I am feeling better though. As of Monday night, I no longer have a fever. My headache is still lingering but I'm wondering how much of that is due to me not having stepped outside of my house for one second on Monday.

My plans for a PR might have gone out the window. I'm not giving up hope on them and in fact this little bit of rest time might be good in that I was off my feet for nearly an entire day. My body overall was a mess but my feet were not being put into use so that counts for something, no? I know, it's a reach but I'm trying to find a silver lining here...

I hope to run on Wednesday, a short 3-4 mile run. If anything, I wasn't going to run a ton this week anyway. I had hoped to run either Monday or Tuesday, then run something with a bit more intensity on Wednesday and then another run on Thursday and that's that. So I'm not going to miss out on many runs this week.

I do think I will be okay to run Sunday. If I get under 1:56:58, I will be happy. If I don't, I will be happy. I just like racing, like the atmosphere around big events like this and like the fact that I can participate at all.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up hopes of a half-marathon PR. After all, I fully intend to run a strong race at the Mission Inn Half on Nov. 14. So even if I do get a PR on Sunday, it's only going to last less than a month anyway.

Well, those are my plans anyway. And they tend to change often so we'll just let this week play out and go from there.


Willoughby said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon! Just don't push yourself so hard that you end up feeling worse. Take care!!

Lisa said...

Maybe you needed the rest and this was your body's way of telling you that. Don't count out a PR just yet. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kerrie T. said...

Glad your fever went away. Crazy. Just crazy.

Angelina said...

I hope you are feeling better. No matter what, you are going to do great in Long Beach!