Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disneyland Pumpkins

It's Halloween time.

If you've been a follower of this blog for a while, you know all about my fondness for Disneyland. I've only been once this October and unless something drastic happens I will only have gone once this October, stupid school...

Anyway, one of the best things about Disneyland in October is their pumpkin display. To say they have some cool carved pumpkins would be like saying cheesecake is tasty, a total understatement.

Check these pumpkins out, and if you can identify some of them I'd be much obliged.

The Mad Hatter

Not quite sure, but love the hand

Not sure who she is but there's great detail

I believe it's the king in Robin Hood

Scary-looking character

Lilo and Stitch

The Frog from Princess and the Frog, not sure who is on the left

That be a pirate

Mr. Potatohead

Have no idea, but it looks good

Master Yoda

My favorite part of the trip was getting to spend quality time with my girls.

on Dumbo

In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

My little ladies


Book Worm Runs said...

Those pumpkins are seriously amazing!! I can't even fathom how much time and effort it takes to make them. Awesome! And your girls are adorable :o)

Morgan said...

3rd one down under the pumpkin is Cinderella's evil step mother. The little mouse coming out of the teapot is from Alice in Wonderland isn't it? And that's all I got for ya! Glad you got some Disney time in with the girls, thanks for sharing the pumpkin pics!

Willoughby said...

Those are great! I probably told you this before, but we used to carve 20 pumpkins every Halloween. We would often use coloring books for patterns and did quite a few different Disney characters. I don't think they were quite as good as some of these, but the kids always went nuts for them. It's so time consuming that we've pared down to only 4 or 5 pumpkins the last few years.

Tales from the Back of the Pack said...

Wow, it took me WEEKS and WEEKS to finally carve just one pumpkin with my kiddo. I feel like a total slacker! lol!