Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Leftovers (Oct. 8)

Friday rules. Particularly today. I'm taking the girls to Disneyland. It's been a LOOONG time since I've had the chance to go first thing in the morning. Definitely taking advantage of it.

Anyway, the Leftovers...

Word Association

Click here to play along.
  1. Panels :: Wood

  2. Repetitive :: Repeat

  3. Pancakes :: Syrup

  4. Quarterly :: Monthly

  5. Impulsive :: Controlling

  6. Episode :: Six

  7. I am :: You are

  8. Horrendous :: Terrible

  9. Inhumane :: Treatment

  10. District :: Nine

District Nine is a good movie. Kind of strange but definitely worth watching. Not sure what Episode Six is... Star Wars, Return of the Jedi? Maybe.

Five Question Friday

Here we go. Another Five Question Friday, courtesy of Mama M.

1. What do you listen to while driving?

Great question. I listen to a ton of different things while driving, from Metallica to Sound of Music, but not all of it is stuff that I select. Since I do most of the driving duties around here, I am with the girls a lot of the time in the truck. I'd say about 70-80 percent of the time they're in the truck with me, I put in something for them. Lately they have been on a Sound of Music kick. Mrs. LB asked me to get the soundtrack and I found it at the local library, burned myself a copy thank you very much and it's been Do-Re-Mi and 16 Going On 17 ever since.

Just a quick list of the CDs and/or music groups that have graced my CD player in the last 2-3 days: Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel Soundtrack, Wolfmother, Sound of Music, Metallica, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, They Might Be Giants, Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo, Flogging Molly, Mumford and Sons, Mana.

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?

The weather. I always seem to get sick when the weather changes. Not sure why but when it goes from hot to warm to chilly in the span of a few weeks like it does here in SoCal, my body crumples. It can't handle the rigors apparently and it just falls apart.

One of the things I dislike a lot about the fall here is that the sun still shines even when it's chilly, so I'll get in my truck and it will be very warm in there because the sun's heated up the inside of the truck. But it will be chilly so I'm dressed for such weather. So I'm driving in jeans and long sleeves but I've got the air on because it's pretty warm inside the truck. That's quite annoying. Does that happen in other places? I've always been curious.

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?

Neatly manicured lawn (manicured meaning no brown spots and someone else mows it), a big and clean garage, six bedrooms (a master, one for each of my two girls, an office, a guest room plus an LB room with a mix of sports-bar type theme and workout center), a neatly manicured backyard (again, no brown spots means manicured like a mother to me) but the most important thing - a big kitchen. I want an island. I want room enough for all of my pots and pans and plastic containers to fit and co-habitate effectively, a new refrigerator, the kind with the freezer on the bottom, and a big pantry, preferably a walk-in pantry, with loads of spices and the like.

4. Would you ever own a minivan?

I would rather have a regular van than a minivan. I would rather have a 1960s-style VW van than a minivan. I would rather have a station wa... um... well, I wouldn't drive a station wagon either.... so I guess my answer is NO WAY.

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

I love the smell of new clothes and am sad when new clothes is dirty and needs a wash. No, I don't wash new clothes because that would be like killing their spirit.


Willoughby said...

Have fun at Disneyland!!

Fall weather - Yes, I would say the same thing happens here in Michigan. It's chilly outside, but the inside of my truck gets hot because of the sun. Normally, I don't turn on the ac, I just open a window.

Ms. Diva said...

Have fun at Disneyland!! I was there last friday and I am hoping to go next friday with two of my girls!!! I totally want a 1960's VW Van!!!

Kate said...

Disneyland! Jealous! :) Sound of Music beats out a lot of the music on 116. :)

Whitney said...

SO jealous of your Disneyland trip! Enjoy the decorations - for me! Disneyland in October is my FAVORITE!!!

Jill said...

Hahah on the minivan. I had one of those when my twins were infants; I had just bought a Honda Accord 5 weeks before I found out I was pregnant with twins. Wasn't going to be able to get 3 carseats in that Accord :(. Minivan owner immediately after. Yuck! Thankfully, no more though :).

Hope you had a blast at Disneyland!!