Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long Beach Race Pictures

The race pictures are finally up!!

Here are pics of yours truly during Sunday's Long Beach Half Marathon.

"I hate my Garmin."

"Where is that stinking mile marker?"

"Have you seen the finish line?"

"I gotta keep up with all these speedburners around me."


I still have to post pictures of my medals and my California Dreamin' Jacket. Haven't forgotten, just need to take some actual pictures of them.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'm not that crazy about my mouth being half-open but oh well. Not sure why there's no finish line photo. I even made a point to smile. Oh well.


Lisa said...

Love the GRR pic. My pics SUCKED. Like really bad lol. Of course it was my first real race with an official photographer and I wasn't really tuned into looking for them. Oh well, next time I know.

Willoughby said...

I love the captions! Great pics!

kaitlin said...

Haha, great captions!!! I TOTALLY know what you mean about the mile marker. I was about to throw a fit when I couldn't find the 4 mile marker... then not a quarter of a mile later I turn a corner and see the marker for mile 5!!! That was a pleasant surprise, I must say.

Great job in your race!!! I still need to put up a report for mine... Hopefully this weekend.