Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eve Of Long Beach Half

Why can't I relax?

Friday night before a big race on Sunday is the night you're supposed to get your sleep in. You might not get much sleep the night before the race but the Friday night before isn't supposed to be much of a problem getting to sleep.

Unless you're me of course.

Funny thing is, I seem to do well when I don't have much sleep. Now, I'm not talking sleep-deprived but I can sleep a couple of 4-5 hour night's sleep and then knock out a strong run. At this point, that's what is going to have to happen.

Anyway, here's the latest update on the race. I'm feeling better and better about my chances to do well. I'm not banking on a PR by any means but I do think I'll give my current PR a run for its money, if nothing else.

I'm going to update you either way as soon as I can after the race. I'm trying to send a test email post to see what happens but so far nothing. If I can do that then I will send something a little longer, otherwise it will be just a "I'm done, my time was" update.

not sure how many of you will be around Sunday morning anyway...

I also hooked it up so where it will post updates to my Facebook account so if you're my FB friend hopefully it will send updates a few times during the race. We'll see how that works.

I'm heading to the expo on Saturday afternoon and then am meeting up with Katie of One Run At A Time. I met her in San Francisco, the day after the marathon. We're switching roles; instead of her doing the half and me doing the full as in SF, she's doing the full and I'm having the relaxing, kick-back half... well, I gotta admit I was a bit envious during SF that she was only running half the distance as I was and that she didn't have to run through all those hills like I did. Anyway, Mrs. LB and I are meeting up with her and her mom so it should be pretty fun.

So that's it then I guess. Unless that stupid e-mail test post comes through, I'll be running my race Sunday and then we'll see what happened.

Thanks for all your support. It really does mean a lot.


Morgan said...

Will be thinking of you Sunday! Good luck LB!!!

tahoegirl said...

Stay strong and relaxed. I love how you get so excited for a race. That just shows how much you really love it! I will be spectating Morgan (above) but my thoughts will also be with you. Good luck and I can't wait to hear how you did.

Kerrie T. said...

Good luck, LB! I'll be checking FB for updates!

Willoughby said...

Good luck!