Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap

I shamelessly stole this from one of my favorite blogs, Caution: Redhead Running.

Here's how my month shaped up:

February Recap/Stats

Miles Ran: 113

Highest Mileage Week: 41

Long Runs Ran - 3 (26.2, 12, 12)

Favorite run: I had a great 12-miler one week after my marathon. I had planned to do eight but went for 12 and was really encouraged by how I felt afterward.

Least Favorite run: An 8-miler on 2/20. Had planned for 12-14 in the a.m., couldn't run it then, had to do it in afternoon and just felt like crap all the way through.

Most hardcore run: Mt. Rubidoux. I only ran that once but I have a feeling it's going to be a regular thing

Race(s): Feb. 6 - Surf City Marathon (!) new PR (!) of 4:23:38 (!!!!!!)
Feb. 19 - Fountain Valley 5K - 21:50 (!)

Current Reads: I checked out The Hobbit from the library. Can you believe I've never read that?

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: FIFA 11 on the Wii.

Current Obsessions: See above.

Current Drink: Water.

Current Song: Even though I posted another song of theirs yesterday... Conscience Killer by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Current Wish-List: Running shoes (yes, I know I just got a new pair but I'd love to have two new pairs and alternate them)

Current Need: To find my headphones. I just bought a pair, but my Yurbuds on them, used them once and now I can't find them. Grrr!!

Current Triumph: Running my third marathon. A close second is helping Yvie learn to ride her bike.

Current Bane of my Existence: Food. I've done better to curb my desire of food but it's a daily battle. Some days I win, some days I don't.

Current Goal: To run 18 on Sunday and 22 on 3/20 in preparation for Diamond Valley Lake Marathon, April 9.

Current Indulgence: Stupid Wii.

Current Blessings: Their names are Yvonne and Kennedy and I am forever blessed to be their dad.

Current Excitement: Spring Break, no school March 13-18. Now that Yvie can ride a bike, I foresee a trip to the beach and the LB clan riding bikes along the beach path.


Michael said...

Looks like a great month overall - great training, a great marathon, and of course your daughter learning to ride her bike. I'm so envious of the workout recaps I see from my fellow bloggers. Feb was a very bad month for me due to illness and injury - but March is a new month.

tahoegirl said...

Sounds like you had a good month, LB.

Looking forward to pictures of the LB clan riding their bikes along the beach.

Maria said...

Ummm...food? Don't think you're ever gonna triumph over that one, bud. We all need it-how 'bout enjoying it? ;) Awesome month for you! Way to go! I often hit kind of a slump after a race--looks like you've sailed right through that and kept right on progressing. You're rockin' this fitness thing! And thanks for the intro to BRMC-I'm lovin' them.

Willoughby said...

Looks like you've had good month.

We haven't used the Wii much, lately, except to watch streaming Netflix movies. You've inspired me to fire it up and play some games this afternoon (no school for the kids, today).

Morgan said...


I can't believe you've never read The Hobbit! It's one of my fav's! Couldn't put it down and I love to re-read it every now and then.

Every time you talk about your mountain I want to go run it! Is that weird?

Whitney said...

I love The Hobbit. Like - really love it.

lisleman said...

hey congrats on the win over at "this stop willoughby". It's good to know a man can win in these giveaways.

Jill said...

A pretty dang good month!
We are on spring break one week after. Last week I found tickets for like $159 to Orange County Airport and didn't jump on that. UGH. This week they are a LOT more.

Go Yvie!! :)