Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: I recently won two things from two cool blogs. From my new(er) blog buddy Laurie who lives up in Oregon, I won a pair of running sleeves. Now, I've never really been a fan of running sleeves but when I saw some of the cool ones she had on her site for a giveaway, I figured what the heck and entered. And lo and behold, I won! I got them a week ago and used them on a run over the weekend, and I'm sold on running sleeves. I probably won't wear like a tank top or a sleeveless shirt and the sleeves because that didn't look quite right on me but with a regular running shirt, the sleeves look pretty sweet. Thanks Laurie! Also, from my long-time and beloved blog buddy Willoughby I won a 40-dollar gift card to CSN Stores. Sweet! I ordered some bean bags for the girls (although after I placed the order I found some things that were really awesome that I might have selfishly bought, but oh well!). The girls' butts will be much obliged once the bean bags arrive.

2. Quietness: If you read my post on Wednesday, you saw that my marathon is small. As in, there were 50 finishers a year ago. I'm going to run in solitude. And for a change, so are my years. I'm not going to completely abandon my music but I want to try and get to Mile 16 without music. I'm making a two-hour playlist and will start it once I get under 10 miles to go. I'd thought about doing that before I saw there would be so few runners, though. I probably won't re-think that idea but it seems like I really will be in solitude once I'm out on the course.

3. Thanks A Lot!: On Wednesday, we went to a school function and a teacher was handing out stickers to kids. Both of the girls said "Thank you" to her. She was surprised. She told us and Yvie's teacher, who happened to be there, that out of the 100 or so kids whom she'd given stickers to, our girls were numbers four and five who said thank you. That's awesome! I've always felt that respect was important for me to teach to the girls because I just don't like children who are disrespectful - PEOPLE who are disrespectful, not just children. So it's cool that my girls have manners. Yay for my girls!


tahoegirl said...

A lot of people do not have manners. Kudos to your girls (and you and Mrs. LB) for manners!

Running with no music. How sweet the sound.

Laurie said...

Glad you like the sleeves. :)

Not much beats a genuine thank you, good for your girls.

Raoulysgirl said...

Yay for good manners!!! What the hell has become so wrong with society that the bad outweighs the good now? Hats off to you and the Mrs. for raising polite young ladies (and to them for practicing!)!!!

And what are running sleeves? LOL!!!

Michael said...

2 blog giveaway wins - LUCKY....(best Napoleon Dynamite voice). Your girls rock!

Willoughby said...

Thumbs up to your girls for practicing good manners and to you and Mrs. LB for teaching them. I can't believe how many kids and adults have bad manners. We're big on please and thank you around here, too.

I'm so glad you had fun with the CSN gift certificate! I hope you'll post a pic of the bean bags when they show up.

Congrats on winning the running sleeves, too!

Anonymous said...

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