Friday, March 4, 2011

A Milestone And More

Got a few tidbits here to pass along this splendid Friday.

Numero Cien

I have 100 followers! That's an awesome milestone. I started blogging in April 2008 as a way to keep tabs of my training ahead of my first-ever Camp Pendleton Mud Run, back in the infancy of my running days. I never imagined this would get me here to where I am now, a three-time marathoner and bona fide runner.

Anyway, thanks to Laurie of The (mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom for the follow! If I had stuff to give away, I'd give her something (YOU! are our 100th follower!! *confetti falls*) but alas I don't.

Anyway anyway, thanks to everyone here for reading and following along my own adventures. I hope you gain something from my blog, whether you run or not.

Week In Tweets

Not all of you are on Twitter but that doesn't mean you can't learn or be entertained by it. I put together some of the tweets that I found amusing, entertaining or informative for your reading pleasure. (I'm @RunnerLuis by the way)

This one made me laugh.

@kjoto retweeted this she came across elsewhere - "Running shirt on the back said... If you see me collapse, please hit 'Pause' on my garmin."

Hal Higdon's top tweets

Marathon running continues to be a psychological, as well as physical, game.

Don't push yourself too hard the day after any long run. Go for a walk. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Take a bike ride.

The marathon is each person’s horizontal Everest.

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, that is the essence of being a long distance runner.

Road races are the seasoning that goes with a good salad. You need not race often, but occasional competition can motivate you to stay fit.

Yasso's Tweet

The best thing to happen on Twitter was getting a follow from Bart Yasso. Who is Bart Yasso? Glad you asked. His official title is CRO of Runner's World magazine - Chief Running Officer. Bart Yasso developed the Yasso 800 workout, which is widely used by marathoners everywhere. Basically, Bart Yasso is a respected running sage.

Now, whenever someone follows your Twitter account, you get an e-mail saying "So-and-so is no following you on Twitter." Well, I started following Bart Yasso and an hour or so later, I got an e-mail saying Bart Yasso was now following me. Exciting! So I tweeted:

"Thanks for the follow @BartYasso ! Um... I've run 3 marathons, including SF :) (I feel like I have to prove myself worthy of the follow)"

And he responded:

"You are more than worthy, keep on running strong."

How awesome is that??? Totally made my day. I haven't been running since that little exchange happened (I think I'd just gotten back from a run) but how's that for some motivation during runs? I can picture it now, me kinda doubting myself during a run, saying 'Dude, Bart Yasso told me to keep on running strong, you can't quit now.'



Earlier this week I wrote about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. You may or may not have heard of them. Actually, you may have heard them but not realized it was them.

Have you seen this commercial?

That's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (at least the rock part of it). That's their song "Spread Your Love" which is off their self-titled first album. It's a pretty bad-ass song. I've run to it quite often.

That commercial, by the way, is for Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, which by the way was site of three free Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concerts last month. Guess who was really sad he couldn't be there?

Sad LB.


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Congrats on the followers!

tahoegirl said...

hit pause on my garmin.....too funny!

Yahoo! 100 followers.

Willoughby said...

Having 100 followers is awesome! Congrats! I continue to hover just under 100 on my blog.

Great tweets!

Morgan said...

Happy Hundo!!! Love the tweets! I saw something the other day that was said "I'm not sweating, I'm raining awesomeness!" LOL!

So if you're Bart Yasso's friend does that mean that indirectly he's my friend too? :)

Kerrie T. said...

Love your little quote to yourself. And also that you used "dude."

Yay for 100!

Jill said...

Ok, I must get on Twitter. If I go manic with all these social networking sites, I'll blame you :).

Happy 100th follower!!

Glenn Jones said...

That was such a great series of commercials "Just the right amount ofnwrong." classic.