Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

1. Blahs Be Banished!: Not sure what it is but I've just been in a funk lately. It's not just with running either. Everything lately just seems so blah. It's been one giant blah-fest the last 10 days or so. I gotta snap out of it. I'm hoping spring break will do it for me. The girls are off next week and we're gonna go to Newport Beach (probably) to ride bikes on the bike path there. I suppose if that doesn't snap me out of it, I should get smacked.

2. Heel Pain: I haven't ran since Sunday. I'm going out on a run Thursday morning so hopefully things work out. What things? Aside from the blahs, my heel pain is coming back. I've limped around all week. My right heel kinda hurts, sometimes, and it wants to be coddled, all the times. I ran 37 miles last week, the most I've run since before October (not counting the week of Surf City). Last year, my heel hurt when I ran 35 miles or so a week. I fear 30 miles per week is about all my heel can handle. I used my new shoes on my 18-miler Sunday. I love new shoes but I really hope that they're broken in now. Maybe that contributed to the heel pain/discomfort.

3. High Mileage: My truck hit a milestone this week. My 2006 GMC Sierra now has 100,000 miles on it. I'm not all that thrilled about it, but oh well. I just hope this doesn't mean problems now. We bought the truck brand new, back in Dec. 05 and actually just paid it off last month. We've driven it to central Mexico (from Riverside to outside of Guadalajara with stops in Mazatlan on the way there and back) and to numerous trips to Lake Powell (on the border of Arizona and Utah). Aside from that, it's just been a lot of local driving. A lot of trips to preschool, school, soccer practices (both the girls' and the professional kind), grocery stores, parents' houses, etc. Let's just hope this truck stays in good shape for quite a few more years. Our other car is already paid off too so it will be nice not to have any car payments.
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Morgan said...

Here's to hoping the blah's are gone soon!!! I def feel your pain, between my leg issues and this relentless winter. Ugh.

My Lola just rolled 100k last month! Please tell me you were a nerd and took a pic and/or video. You didn't you? I'm not just a freak right?!??! :)

Kate said...

Wow. You blog from your blackberry? Impressive.

I have a serious case of the blahs too. It's not fun. I've been trying to snap out of it. Hopefully we turn a corner this weekend. :)

Willoughby said...

I hope your heel pain goes away soon!

Lots of blahs here, too. I think it's the weather making me feel so tired and unmotivated. I can only take so much snow.

I wouldn't worry about hitting 100,000 miles on your truck. I have a little over that on my Ford Explorer. My husband has 240,000 on his Dodge Dakota (he drives 160 miles, round trip, each day, it adds up fast). We've never had any major problems with either vehicle (knock on wood).

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it looks like we are many to have this blah period! Everything is a little better with company! :-) My crappy car is already at 102,000 miles and it looks like it's dying any minute now. I just hope it survives for a year or so until I graduate and have some source of income to replace it!

tahoegirl said...

Come to MI. That will snap you out of your blues.

Seriously though I am all to familiar with the blues. :o( I know spending fun time with your girls next week will help you. Visit AR and make some fabulous muffins. Go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes...