Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. Lap Me: I set a new record for longest-distance run on Sunday. No, I've run 20 miles before but the 10 miles I logged at a high school track were the most miles I've ever done on a track. I actually think that was a good idea on my part and am looking forward to more such runs. There's something about running an out-and-back 20-mile run that just sat as well in my stomach as spoiled meat would have. The track was comforting. I knew what was around the corner - more track. Sometimes the thought of having to get to the next stoplight and then a few blocks beyond that is just mind-numbing. I suppose I wasn't up for that on Sunday, so the track was a good alternative. I want to run 12 miles on the track next. Not sure when that will happen but it'll happen.

2. Dangling Carrots: I had not planned on running the OC Marathon. Still don't plan on it. But damn those race organizers! A new series rolled where, if you run Surf City, the OC Marathon and the Long Beach Marathon consecutively, you get a new medal. Now, you can run the half or the full in each and still get the medal, so it's not like you have to do 26.2 every time out... although that might be fun. Of course, I've already run Surf City so running the OC Half and the Long Beach Half would be a slam dunk for the medal. What does this medal look like?

I will actually have to pass on it this year, though. The OC Half or Full doesn't work out with my schedule so it's a no go. But this medal would be nice to add to my collection. And I like that you have to earn it by doing multiple races. Maybe next year...

3. More Tunes: I've been on a Vampire Weekend kick lately. My brother introduced them to me sometime late last year and it took me a bit to get into them, probably because they're a bit eclectic, different than a lot of what I listen to. But they're upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics are great accompaniment to running, and probably to working out in general. Yvie actually likes Vampire Weekend quite a bit. She doesn't complain when I put one of their CDs.

This song is appropriately called Run.

Check 'em out. You won't be disappointed.


tahoegirl said...

Waaahhhhh!! I WANT that medal. Wish I lived in CA.

I like Oxford Comma...

Kerrie T. said...

Most on the track: 5 miles on a random night in college.

Seattle needs a series!

Kerrie T. said...

Er...Pacific Northwest, I mean.