Thursday, October 23, 2008

The course from a different angle

Earlier this week, I put up the course for the Mission Inn Run. I had to see what it looked like on, the trusty site where you can map out courses and get exact distances down to the .01 of a mile.

This is the 5K course which doubles as the 10K course when you run it twice.

I think my favorite part of the Mission Inn Run will be the ability to use my iPod. My tentative plan is to make up a playlist that will help me run the course. I can start with an upbeat song or two, to help me get started. Then I can alternate between something heavy to help me pick up my pace and something either lighter or less heavy to help pace myself.

But if that doesn't happen, I'll have a couple of long straightaways to help keep me honest. At the very worst, I go at a faster pace on the straightaways and go a bit more slowly around the park and the curves.

I'm actually thinking that jogging the course before the actual event might not be the worst thing either. I may have more time next week to do so.

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