Monday, October 27, 2008

More pictures

More proof that I ran in the Mud Run. You'll have to take my word that I enjoyed every bit of it.

Near the end of race, we had one final crawl remaining. The dreaded Mud Crawl. I didn't know what to do initially... well, I actually did know the purpose of this but I wasn't sure if you had to take a header to get underneath the cords. I did so on the first one but didn't on each subsequent one.

I was tired during this part. This is probably at or near the hour mark and I was exhausted. As a result, I wasn't exactly flying through this part. Part of the time I sort of dragged myself on my side.

After the Mud Crawl, I still had a couple of challenges. First, there was a steep climb uphill. Then there was a steep decline. Afterward, there was one final mud puddle.

Now, I can't recall the other person there. I was so focused, I only remember the puddle and the finish line up ahead.


5thsister said...

Love the photos! It's just like being there. You really do look like your enjoying yourself. Good luck on your upcoming 10k and I'll try to get healthy enough to contribute more fully in our "safari".

Pamela said...

Great photos LB! You've got more stamina than I do!