Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next week's plan

I've got the Mission Inn Run coming up in about 12 days or so. I didn't work out today but I've got a run planned for Thursday and hopefully Friday. The weekend is out so that leaves me eight days to work with before the big day. If all goes well...

Monday - intervals, the usual 42-minute run, plus a bike ride afterward
Tuesday - at least 5 miles, hopefully 6, with a bike ride afterward
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 3-mile run, possibly short bike ride afterward
Friday - rest
Saturday - either 2-mile run or rest
Sunday - 10K

Now, I already know Friday is out. I've got a trip to Disneyland planned and I won't be able to fit a run in around that. I'd like to have a short run the day before the race, such as I did the day before the Mud Run so I'm hoping to run a bit on Saturday.

But I found that the best thing, what helped me the most leading up to the Mud Run, was to hit it hard early in the week.

I have no doubt that I can run the entire 10K and be fine. I am not concerned about the distance. If I were running, say a half-marathon, okay well that may be a different story. But I can run 6.2 miles just fine. But I want to ensure that I am at the top of my game come race day. And the only way to prepare for that is to do so days before the race. Actually, months before, but if you are already there days before would work fine.

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