Friday, October 31, 2008

The problem with traveling

So I'm set to go on a road trip. I'm taking a bus to Salt Lake City. It leaves tonight at 9 pm, gets into Salt Lake in the morning and then I'll be at a game, then writing and then back on the bus for home. If all goes well I'll be back home sometime around 7 or 8 am on Sunday.

Where does this leave room for exercise? It doesn't, really. I'll get out and stretch my legs but that's about it.

But I'm not quite as concerned about exercise as I am about food. I'll be hungry during the ride I'm sure and what options will I have? Convenience store food? Most of that has loads of calories and isn't exactly filling. What about drinks? Can't exactly load up on water because I'll have to use the bathroom quite often, right? And I'd just as soon keep bathroom trips to a minimum.

Oh well. I'll have to do what I can for the next 36 hours or so. A day of rest and getting back on track with my food intake will await me on Sunday and then it's back to the gym for my week of preparation for the Mission Inn Run.

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