Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Captain's Return

I had another post ready to go but I realized that I should write about today's opening.

Kennedy standing in the calm before the storm

Today marks the return of Captain EO to Disneyland. The 3D show which stars Michael Jackson ran from 1986 to 1997 and was revived after Jackson's death. I say revived because it's taken months to iron out the kinks and revamp the theater to get it back to life.

notice the empty line behind the poster;
it won't be empty for long

I went to Disneyland with Kennedy on Monday, our first trip to the park with Yvie in school. I felt a little guilty about leaving Yvie behind but Yvie has done a lot of things Kennedy hasn't been able to do, so she understood. Kennedy, for instance, has been dying to go to school since Yvie started kindergarten and Kennedy won't play soccer until this year - Yvie's had two years of soccer already.

Anyway, I was secretly hoping that the show was going to have a pre-opening day viewing and that I'd be lucky enough to nab a seat in the theater for that but alas no avail. I may try and go next week sometime with the girls if my schedule allows for it but I'm guessing the lines for Captain EO will be enormously enormous. Can you use a word as an adjective for that word? Well, I just did.

As far as the trip, Kennedy and I headed over to California Adventure since the rides she wanted to do were over there. She did something for the first time since she now meets the 42-inch minimum requirements.

still dry, but that changed soon

This is a great ride during the spring and summer, when it's a bit hotter. The sun was out on Monday and it was kinda warm so I didn't mind getting wet. This is the Grizzly River Run, and Kennedy had never been on it. The ride features a raft, which seats eight, and goes through a roaring river which is supposed to replicate a similar ride through the Sierra Nevadas.

Her first ride consisted of her and me, alone in the raft. In the summer, the wait time can be an hour or more, but we walked right onto a raft and nobody was around us so we sat on our own raft. We got drenched too, at least my pants did, but it was all good.

So even if we didn't get to see Captain EO, our outing was enjoyable. Sorry Yvie, but we did have fun without you :( Although, it would have been waaaaay better if Yvie and Mrs. LB were there too, but I had their season passes with me, so they were there in spirit and in plastic.


Willoughby said...

Sounds like a fun day! I've never been a huge fan of water rides, though, because I hate walking around in soggy clothes and shoes.

I'm going to add "enormously enormous" to my daily vocabulary, I think it sounds awesomely awesome!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I know I sound dramatic (such a shock, right?) but I really want to cry right now.
I can not believe I am missing the opening day, and I can not believe that it closes at 7 tomorrow!

We are going to try to go, by the time we get there, it will be 5/5:30ish.
I swear, if I dont get to see it, look for me on the news, because I might go certified ape shit.

5thsister said...

Daddy-daughter days are very important in the development of a young girl's self esteem. You've done well with your girls, Luis.

Oh, and I echo Willoughby...wet rides, unless it is extremely hot, are not my cup of tea.

Chicago Mom said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Christy said...

Enormously enormous...totally acceptable.

I avoid water rides at theme parks like the plague. I hate, I repeat, HATE getting wet. Once the husband and I have kids, he'll be the one going on the water rides with them. haha.

Lisa said...

LOVE Grizzly River Run but have never seen Captain EO. Sounds like a fun day for little Kennedy to spend with her daddy.

Mark said...

I have a confession to make. I have never seen Captain EO. I was never a big Michael Jackson fan, so it never appealed to me.

I am going to be there Saturday, and I am highly tempted to try to see it. But if the lines are long, I will probably skip it.

Beside, I love Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, so I have to boycott on general principal, at least for a little while.

thamesarino said...

Sounds like a fun time for you guys. Isn't hard when you have one at school and another(or more) at home. I feel bad sometimes that my older one misses out on the fun stuff we do during the day.. but my kids are such different ages that I just try and do more grown up stuff with only her at other times.
I am a magnet for the waterfall seat on every single ride. This does not ake me smile. My family MADE me ride a wet ride once... but only once because I was not amused when I yet again got drenched(head to toe, twice by both waterfalls) and the rest of them got a smattering of drops on them. I was suitably cranky for awhile. The worse part for me, being THE whitest white girl in America, is that even on a hot day I don't like it because it just washes off my sunscreen and magnifies the sun leaving me with a worse burn later on.
Now when they go on the wet ride I am the meanie waiting at the squirt gun section making sure they get what they wanted!! : )

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Sounds fun! Almost makes me want to visit Disney Land! Something about lines just makes me grumpy! But it seemed pretty calm for you guys!!!