Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tune-related Giveaway

One of the things that the Lopers advocate is running without headphones, and it's one of the few things I don't agree with them on. While I am not as dependent on my headphones now as I once was, I still enjoy music and still prefer it versus not having it with me.

What can make or break my music experience, though, is my headphones. So I was excited that my awesome blog buddy Christy of It Just Looks Like Slow Motion had a giveaway on her blog that would help.

Remember how Mrs. LB was able to call me several times during my marathon? Well, one of the headphones that allowed me to talk to my wife during Surf City ate it. There is a little plastic covering that just came off, and I can't find it. And without it, it won't stay in my ear.

Sad face.

I have another set, though, so not all is lost. Still, I'm excited about the possibility of having this chance to win these headsets. They are called Yurbuds, and they are supposed to fit on the end of your headphones and help them stay in your ear. This is right up my alley, something I need, so I'm hoping to win the giveaway. She's actually giving away 10 pairs so I might be able to snag me a win from one of these giveaways finally. I've entered so many giveaways and have yet to win one. Ugh. What luck.

Anyway, go check out Christy's rockin' blog, help cheer her up (she's injured) and read about her own running journey. Just don't enter the giveaway because that will lessen my chances of winning. And if you've already entered, you should retract your entry so I can improve my chances of winning.


Jephy's Mom said...

Just curious, why do the Lopers advocate running without headphones?

L.B. said...

For safety reasons, plus when you run in groups its more difficult to talk with others when you have an ipod.

Chicago Mom said...

Good luck in the contest, I hope you win!

re: Water - I drink water all day long too, although I don't have a goal. I just don't want/need the extra calories you find in other drinks.

re: Meal Plans - I will plan out a week of meals, but we are too picky to have a "chicken night" or "pasta night". I go through the sales papers to see what is on sale first, then plan the menu. Next I look at the recipes to see what I have in the pantry and what needs to go on the grocery list. I also have a pad of paper on a clip board with pen attached on which I list all of my "dinner ideas" so I don't forget what I had planned to make. This is kept in the pantry and I also use it to write down the grocery list; if I notice we are getting low on butter or syrup or shampoo I immediately write it down on that pad of paper so I don't forget.

Jephy's Mom said...

OK. Thank you.