Friday, February 5, 2010

Carbo-Locked And Loaded

Late Friday night post for you here. Just had to share.

Carbo-loading has been great. I mentioned in today's earlier post that I made some Pasta, Pesto and Peas on Thursday. Tonight I made some meat sauce and tossed it over spaghetti. But not just any spaghetti:

Prince thin spaghetti

Blog buddy Christine of Marvelously Mundane sent me this along with a lot of other really awesome stuff. She drew my name in a gift exchange we had through another web site and I was blown away with the stuff she sent me (and the girls and Mrs. LB). Part of what she got me was this box of spaghetti, local to Boston (she lives in the Boston area). I'd wanted to save it for a special occasion and tonight fit the bill.

I make a simple meat sauce, with Italian sausage, red bell pepper, Anaheim pepper, mushrooms, garlic, red onion, black pepper and some seasonings:


... and then after it's all heated through, I add some marinara sauce...

more yumness

... and heat that up for a bit. Then, place it over some cooked spaghetti and...

mega yumness

... we have the meal that is going to help fuel me for the race.

One more thing that Christine sent me was a picture of the starting line of the Boston Marathon. It is really, really cool and I'm honored to have that picture.

Stay tuned for one more post coming Saturday! Surf City Eve is tomorrow!


Kerrie T. said...

Super Mega YUM!

Thanks for letting me know about the skirt! We were out late tonight. I know you really wanted to win that giveaway, though. Sorry, dude.

5thsister said...

That looks amazing! Christine is a good friend. (Be on the lookout for my post later this morning...I'm honoring you!)

Willoughby said...

That looks excellent! I could eat pasta every night. Maybe I should take up running?!

I had no idea you couldn't get Prince spaghetti in California. That's so cool that Christine sent you some!

Julie Schuler said...

Oh man, that looks really good.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

That looks delicious- can I carbo load for motherhood?