Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Leftovers (Feb. 19)

My weekly post of random items and thwarted blog posts.

Word Association

Play here.

1. Suitcase :: Trip
2. Exhaust :: Fumes
3. Olympics :: Coverage
4. Video :: Game
5. Cargo :: Ship
6. Previously :: Viewed
7. Wild card :: Game
8. Artificial :: Turf
9. Gambling :: Casino
10. Exhibition :: Game

Explanations: Man, I'm just thinking about games today apparently. All sorts of games: exhibition games, wild-card games, video games... funny how I didn't say games for Olympics. If it would have been Olympic, I may have. Instead, I went for coverage because that's how my mind is wired.

Last week, I failed to explain Heels :: Tar, so I'll do it now. That's in reference to North Carolina, the Tar Heels is their mascot.

Sticky Souvenir

Long after the aches and pains from Surf City wore off, I was still left with a souvenir from the race, if you will, on my body.

The tape I used to tape up the nips was still there about a week later.

When my dad went into the hospital in November, I managed to, um, borrow some tape. I figured that the tape used to hold down needles to skin and such would do well to hang on and protect the nips. It did and has worked wonders since, worked better than anything else I tried.

Worked too well.

That tape has a bit of a death grip sometimes. Honestly, it doesn't bother me too much until I go to take them off. And they won't come off. Well, Mrs. LB helped me take those off. She did a sneak attack and ripped them off while I wasn't paying attention. The first one actually was part me, part her ripping it off but the second one, she distracted me and then RIIIIP! off came the tape. ouch

Anyway, on Thursday I ran six miles up Mt. Rubidoux. It was a great run and I had a good strategy. I wanted to run six miles but from the bottom to the top is two miles, the path I take anyway. I ended up running one mile up, then ran back to the entrance and then back up all the way to the top and then all the way down. I've never really figured out The Garmin but I tried to keep my mileage stats, so my miles were sort of like this: 8:50, 8:13, 9:55, 10:25, 8:53, 9:00. I don't know if that adds up to my total time of 55:15, but it's close enough. I don't know why I went so fast the first mile, but I hit a wall when I went back up the same path. Overall I had a decent time, and while I wasnt' trying to run my hardest I did feel like I needed to get a decent time, which I did.

The only setback was the pain from my nips! I felt them early on and I instantly got frustrated. I had no tape, hadn't wanted to tape them up but apparently they aren't toughened up anymore since I've been taping them so much. Grrr. Luckily I had the ointment my buddy anne had sent me, and I put that all over and it worked to take the edge off.

Blog Biz

I know this is mostly a blog about, well, I call it my motivational/nutritional/fitness blog, but sometimes I don't blog about anything that fits that description. I've got some posts coming up next week that have nothing to do with running or anything. Don't be alarmed. It's just me and my world. I've always felt that I wanted to offer all my readers something from each post, whether runners or non-runners read it. It's tough to do sometimes but I try - if nothing else I try and spin a good yarn each and every blog post.

Dentist Trip

Last week, I blogged about my dentist woes. Seems like we just can't get away from the dentist these days. On Wednesday I took Yvie and Kennedy to the dentist. Kennedy's visit was her first-ever while Yvie had to get a filling for a cavity - dang it. Not sure how that happened but it did.

Funny moment (and if you're on FB you may have seen it): Kennedy was sitting in the chair and the dentist was getting settled in. She asked Kennedy how old she was and Kennedy responded "Four." Then the dentist asked Kennedy when she would turn five. Kennedy paused and said "On my birthday."

Anyway, Kennedy did well. I was a bit worried that she would cry or otherwise freak out but she was a trooper. She didn't flinch once during x-rays and did well with that suction thing that sucks up your drool. Yvie also experienced her first foray into novacaine. She received praise as well for her own behavior. For about two hours after, though, she complained that her lip felt funny. I told her not to bite it or anything because she might not feel it but that when the novacaine wore off, she' would and it might hurt. She didn't bite down and was happy when the numbness wore off. We scheduled another visit, for six months from now, and we hope there are no cavities then.

Kenna, Part Two

Kennedy and I had the chance to lay down for a nap on Thursday. She didn't want to but I knew she was tired since she got up at 5:30. I was tired too since I ran six miles and barely slept the night before. I climbed into my bed and Kennedy followed, reluctantly. I'd left my awesome Dodgers blanket out in the living room, though, and while I didn't really need a blanket, I kinda wanted one so I was reaching for something to cover myself with. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was Kennedy covering me with my Dodgers blanket, and then she gave me a little kiss on my forehead. That little girl is so awesome.

Of course, she fell fast asleep and I had to wake her up a bit later since we had to go get Yvie from school.

I don't know why she is so stubborn when it comes to napping. I tell her all the time, "If I was four years old, I would have a party every day. Naps whenever I wanted, food prepared for me, all the books and toys I could want, no school, sleep 'til whenever, Disneyland... I'd be living the life." She goes to preschool twice a week but still, that's not the five-days-a-week grind kindergarten can be. You know, the tough days of kindergarten.

She doesn't realize how great she has it, apparently.

LB's Song Of The Week

My weekly nod to children's music.

The girls are FORKs, apparently. That's what Randy Kaplan calls his fans, Fans Of Randy Kaplan. He's actually kind of a divisive character - either you like his stuff or you don't.

Kennedy had the chance recently to buy songs of iTunes and she chose two Randy Kaplan songs. This one wasn't one of them, but she ran out of choices before she got back to this one.


Willoughby said...

Don't they carry something at the drugstore for your "sticky" problem? I thought they made an adhesive remover for bandage and tape adhesive.

I love Kennedy's conversation at the dentist. Too cute!

Naps....I would take one everyday if I could. Sometimes, if it's really warm in my truck, I start to drift off while I'm sitting in the school parking lot waiting for my daughter. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Jephy's Mom said...

Ripping tape off somebody else's body is always fun!

Anne said...

OMG that ripping of the nipple tape sounds painful!
Your girls sound very sweet :)
Have a great weekend.

Kerrie T. said...

That nap story is so cute. And I'm so with you on the grind of Kindergarten. LOL!

I was thinking about how you post the childrens music sometimes the other day when me and T Junior were listening to Bananaphone (by Raffi) for the 100th time. :) I love that song.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Both of the stories about the girls were very cute!