Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nervous Energy

Is it Sunday yet? Seriously. It's only Tuesday afternoon and I can't wait for it to be Sunday already. Come on.

Sunday, of course, is my first marathon. I want it to be Sunday because I want to run the race (duh) but also because I can't stand this anguish of just waiting around. At this point, it feels like only bad things can happen, that I'm already prepared and have prepared enough so only bad things can threaten that preparation.

Anyway, to pass the time I made some carnitas for dinner, made some chocolate chocolate chip muffins and made some coffee all since about 1:45, so in about two hours. Also, I'm trying to avoid getting sick. I'm wearing gloves right now as I type because germs are attacking me (well, they're not but I'm just being overanxious I guess).

Well, I wanted to blog a bit about our trip to Disneyland on Saturday. Might as well do it now.

We renewed the passes (awesome!!) and, with parking, it cost us more than $600 (gasp). It's okay, though - we'd set that money aside a while ago. The girls' passes had already been renewed, so that's just for two passes right there. Yeah, we'll be going often enough to get our money's worth. I think it costs about 70, maybe a little less, for a one-park admission, about 30 more to get into both parks, and that's just for one day. Between November of 07 and last October we went more than 40 times, maybe closer to 50, and it might even have been more. Not sure. That's a lot. I won't go as much this year because Yvie's in school but we'll be getting out there often enough. We went for the Deluxe (315 available days), which is the second-highest option. The highest option (more than $400 a pop) lets you go any day of the year - no blackout days. We're blacked out most Saturdays from April to August and major holidays (can't go Feb. 13-14 for instance) but that's about it.

We actually didn't end up going into Disneyland but just spent the day at California Adventure. It was not crowded at all. As we were lining up for the trams, busloads of band students, probably around middle-school age, got out and filled up the trams and they were all going to Disneyland. So we opted for DCA.

hide from the sun, Kenna

This is in front of the Grizzly River Run. It wasn't bone-chilling cold or anything but it wasn't a summer day either. Thus, this ride had virtually no line. You are guaranteed to get wet going on this ride. I asked the girls if they wanted to get on, and they said no.

watch out Yvie! there's a big dragon behind you!

Mrs. LB and the girls got to take their picture with Mulan! I'd not seen Mulan out. The girls have had their pictures taken with pretty much all the other princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahantas) but not Mulan so that was pretty cool.

smile... or something

In line for the Jumpin' Jellyfish ride, which is okay if you're seven and under. I had to get on because the girls can't go by themselves. Kennedy didn't feel like smiling apparently.

Here's a great tip if you are going to Disneyland Resort. Get there early! If you get to the park before it opens, you can get in. DCA wasn't supposed to open until 10 but they always let people in before then. We walked into the park at 9:30-something and went to Soaring Over California. That ride was already up and running, so we got on it, rode it, and were off to our next destination all by about 10:10. The first hour at Disneyland, no matter what day you, you can guarantee that the lines will be small and you can ride a lot of different rides with virtually no waiting. Peter Pan usually fills up quickly, as does the Finding Nemo Submarines, but even then the lines will only get longer for those rides. At DCA, Soaring always has a long line and so does Toy Story Mania. We got onto Toy Story, had to wait about 25 minutes but the line was about 40-45 minutes when we were done with the ride.

Anyway, maybe I'll get to pursuing this little idea I had about Disneyland Resort, about blogging about tips and stuff. I thought about doing a series of posts but just didn't know about the time involved (because it's pretty involved) but also because I was bummed because our passes had expired. Now that we've got our new passes (which don't expire until 1-30-11!) I might just get around to that.

With all this nervous energy I have right now, I could probably get a lot of that accomplished in the next couple of days.


Mark said...

Yes on the tips. Granted, I probably know them all already, but it will help pass the time for me until I can go back again.

Jephy's Mom said...

"At this point, it feels like only bad things can happen"

I've noticed that you tend to make comments like this before your runs. It's almost as if you are afraid to let yourself be confident .

It doesn't seem to keep you from enjoying yourself on the actual day though. You seem to be less nervous on race day. Just an observation.

Lisa said...

Fun times!

I bet your house will be spotless by the time Sunday rolls around with all the energy you have lol.

Sunday will be here soon enough, rest, relax and carb load!!!

Kerrie T. said...

I'm nervous for you. It's gonna be great!

Willoughby said...

Nothing bad is going to happen! I (almost) guarantee it! It's just your nerves working on you.

Sunday is going to be great!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Great DCA tips- your Disney tips helped a lot last year so keep 'em coming! Our next trip will *hopefully* be in April.

Zoƫ said...

You're going to kick major asphalt, LB! ;)

Angie Eats Peace said...

I like the idea about tips!