Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Next Challenge: A 5K

I had kinda-sorta made it a goal to run a 5K this year. I want to run one for a few reasons but didn't know if I'd get the chance to. I was looking for marathons and half-marathons to fill my calendar with, and I hoped that a 5K would fall out of nowhere for me.

Well, lucky me. One fell from out of nowhere and best of all - it's FREE!!!

The Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 5K Walk/Run is going to be held on March 13 in Colton, very close to my house. It's a free event and I've already registered for it.

Man, if all events were free I would fill out a fantastic race calendar that would see me run races all over the place :)

Anyway, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is a local hospital, and apparently this event is to help promote health and wellness. I'm all for promoting and supporting health and wellness, especially when it comes with a free 5K.

I seriously cannot contain my excitement!! I told Mrs. LB about it and she was totally nonplussed about it. That's okay, though. I probably won't have her come out for that since it's so close to my house and it won't be an all-day event or anything.

However, I have laid down the gauntlet and have challenged my brother Danny to the race. He said he's game if he is free on that day. Which means he has given himself an out in case he is not man enough to accept my challenge. Danny is faster and stronger and more physically gifted than me, which is going to make this race all the more fun for me since I'm going to wipe the floor with him that day. To be fair, he is a bit hobbled. He's not a runner as he prefers team sports but he was the one who got me into running by introducing the Mud Run to me and asking me if I wanted to sign up.

If you haven't "met" Danny before, let me introduce him to you.

LB and his lesser younger brother

He's the one in the white.

Dang, sorry, bad joke I know. I just couldn't resist.

Anyway, Danny's going down on March 13 if he's man enough to show his face.

Regardless, I am so excited about the race! I will get the chance to set a new PR!! My one and only 5K was back in June 2008, my first-ever race, and I ran 25:05. I'm certain that I can beat that time. I'm not going to shoot for finishing in under 20 minutes, come on now, but I do think I can shave off a couple of minutes from that time at least.

The fastest I've ever ran a mile in was 6:57, and that was because I was chasing Danny. We had an impromptu relay race on a track once, and we got in teams of four. My leg coincided with Danny's so we ran opposite one another. I believe we were the first runners for each of our teams. I tried to keep up with Danny and I did, for the entire mile. I was gassed by the end but he only beat me by a little bit.

So I hope to improve my 5K time because every time I read about a "5K pace" while reading about training programs and stuff, I instantly think that my "5K pace" is 8:04, which is fast for me, don't get me wrong, but I know I can run faster than that. I had an 8:06 pace for a 10K so it's not a stretch to think I can get a minute or two under 25:05.

I've longed to break that time, and now I'll have that chance. And best of all - it will be free!


Jephy's Mom said...

Be aware, when if you beat him, your relationship will never be the same. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Go Danny! Go!

Morgan said...

LOL! Love the sibling rivalry!!! I want to race my little brothers so bad but I can't imagine either of them would bother with ever running anywhere unless the cops were chasing them...

Good luck and leave him in the dust!!!!

P.S. Your first 5k was in 25:05?!?!? That's awesome! My first was over 30 minutes and it took me months to break 25 minutes!!!

Kathrin said...

First of all: Congrats on your marathon! GREAT JOB!

Have fun at your 5K... For free is really nice! You can put that money in your piggy bank to put against your next marathon registration fee! ;-)

Katie A. said...

Yay for free races! I can't wait to see who wins (I'm rooting for you by the way ;) )
And that is a great 5K time, be proud!

Mark said...

I would love a 25 minute 5K time.

A free event is always well worth it.

If I weren't already going to be at a mystery convention that day, I'd be tempted to sign up, too. Just got too much going on in March and April.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Haha, gotta love the rivalry. Being the only girl in a house of boys I didn't have such an issue, but I was witness to many a fight.

Angie Eats Peace said...

A free event?! Awesome!