Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get Ink Done

I want to get some ink done.

Now, I have two tattoos already - one on my left calf and the other on my back. But I want more. For awhile I've actually wanted to get ink. After I dropped my weight, I wanted something that would both remind me of all the things I went through to get it off and I think that would in turn help me stay disciplined.

What do I want, exactly?


What is that? Gibberish? Actually, it's Japanese lettering, or kanji. The words' meanings are beneath each word.

Now, there's a reason to my madness. I've been to Japan, so it's not just some random lettering that I don't have experience with. Actually, being in Japan felt like I was on a different planet. And a lot of that feeling was because of the alphabet. I couldn't tell what was what, and it was all overwhelming.

Anyway, the words above mean something to. I try and be disciplined. I have commitment and determination as well.

Where do I want these?

On my arm.

Will it hurt? Yeah, probably. But I want to get some ink done, and that's what I have to go through I suppose.

I'd like to get either "discipline" on one arm and "commitment" on the other, or get them both on one arm and "determination" and another adjective befitting of my journey.

Maybe it's just more window shopping than anything but something I'd love to get.


5thsister said...

Although I personally do not understand the appeal of tattoos I totally understand why you would want one of these. I like the "determination" for only with determination could commitment and discipline follow.

Good luck!

Willoughby said...

I like that you chose something that has some meaning for you instead of something that just looks cool. I'm guessing having both arms inked is going to be pretty pricey, eh?

Chicago Mom said...

I think that it is more socially acceptable for men to have visible tattoos than women - not that that would change where I put mine. Does anyone else feel that way? I suppose it is because tattoos have a tough image and men are supposed to be tough, whereas women are supposed to be softer. Anyway, it is true that they are addictive. I never thought I would want one and (years ago) got talked into it by friends from work. I really like mine and think about getting another a lot. But I think it is important that they mean something to you and that you think about where you put it so you can hide it if you want too. That said, I love the words you chose!

Lisa said...

I like this. I don't have any tattoos and don't plan on getting any. I'm not opposed to them, they just aren't for me.

I can't think of better words for a runner and to describe your journey so far.

Moore On Running said...

Very cool. I have two on my ankles and one on my back (top left shoulder). The one on my back sucks. I am thinking about having another tat put over it and I want it about running. Not sure what to put. I love your choices.

ChristineM said...

I came close to getting a tattoo years ago...I was going to be Tigger..who I LOVE but sitting here in my mid-forties I'm not so sure that would still be me! :)

I love your choices - I like 5th's comment about determination - that is so true! I also like the idea of getting it on the arm - sort of on the inside, like in the photo. That way it's close to your heart.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Do I need to share my opinion on tattoos? ;) My only advice is to be absolutely positive that the kanjis are correct, there is a lot of bad info on the net and a lot of tattoo artists don't read Japanese.

I like the idea and placement, you'll be able to see it when you run.

5thsister said...

Tats, I often wondered about that. I can only imagine the snickering that goes on if the kanji actually means something like "I'm a Japenese dung beetle" or some such nonsense. I've heard the horror stories!

Luis, I'm sure whatever you decide will be meaningful and awesome. You deserve some "ink" to commemorate the person you have evolved into.