Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hold That Thought

After the pains and aches subsided from Surf City, I was thrilled at the prospect of running another marathon in 2010. I wasn't quite set to jump right back into the fire and sign up for the Los Angeles Marathon, which would have given me six weeks in between marathons, but I was anxious to look for another marathon this spring.

I'd wanted to go for the OC Marathon, on May 2. I figured that would give me time to rest and recover before going back into marathon training without starting from scratch or anything.

Now, I'm not quite as certain about it. In fact, the air has been let out from that particular balloon.

Instead of another spring marathon, I have decided to set a two-fold goal. First, I will train hard for the Run Through Redlands Half Marathon. I am anxious to get a sub-2 hour marathon, and while I think it is a challenge - perhaps one that is out of my reach right now - I want to tackle it head on. The second goal coincides a bit with that. I want to train hard for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I want to beat my brother Danny in that race... actually, let me rephrase that... I want to smoke him and drag his time through the mud. I know we should run the race for fun, but I think it will be fun to beat him and shatter his PR there, which is about 1:03.

Another goal that is concurrent with that is to keep my weekly mileage high. I actually want to get to the point where I am running at least 30 miles a week consistently, and if I can get closer to 40 miles a week, even better. I figure that if I run at least double-digit mileage on the weekend and three or four times during the week, I can get to 30 miles at least. I also want to throw in some tempo runs and intervals as well.

Not to say that running another marathon would have impeded all this, in fact it would add to the weekly mileage totals, but focusing on a half marathon isn't exactly part of a marathon training plan.

So does that mean I won't run another marathon this year? Not quite.

Two marathons that several Lopers run in each year are San Diego and Long Beach. However, San Diego conflicts with the Mud Run and Long Beach is a week before Ragnar. If we end up doing Ragnar, it would not be possible to run the marathon and Ragnar.

What about San Francisco? That would be a huge challenge, since the course is so hilly. But I might consider it.

But the one I'm really looking at now is the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon. That one is in December and I would have plenty of time to train for it. I'm not sure there are any other races that would conflict with it. The Mission Inn Half Marathon is about a month before so that wouldn't be a problem. And since quite a few Loeprs ran in it last year, there stands a chance of a similarly large group participating in it again this year. Thus, I would have several potential training partners for that race. The only problem is that race temperatures for that race in 2009 were in the low 30s to start, and that is pretty stinking cold. But at this point that is not enough to keep me from running it.

On the flip side of Las Vegas would be 2011, and the LA Marathon. I'll most likely run that one, especially if the Lopers go back to training for LA for the 2010-11 season. Either way, I'd love to run at least one more marathon in 2010. Training for Surf City was a blast and I anticipate having a similar experience for Las Vegas.


Marathonman101108 said...

First! Wow, I'm never first in anything! Anyhow, looks like you have a gameplan with lots of options. I'll be looking forward to see what races you run this year. Don't rush running your second marathon. Chances are you will run it faster, so you want to have time to properly train for it. I PR my second marathon, and it's a great feeling. Also, thanks again for becoming a "Follower" of my blog. I think you saved me from my wife wondering why all my latest followers are attractive women!! Actually, ALL my female followers are attractive women. Tough life being a running blogger...LOL.

Jephy's Mom said...

Go Danny!

Morgan said...

Look at you getting all antsy in your pantsy to shatter some PR's and break some times and run more marathons... yup the running bug is here to stay! :)

anne said...

30 is cold?! Ha. SoCal wimp! so excited for the Mud Run. bought plane tickets last week. wondering what kind of challenge i got myself into. it will be a week after a half marathon which is 3 weeks after a 25K with a 5K thrown in the middle for fun. should be exciting.

Katie A. said...

You are a smart runner and I know that you will pick the right path for you - but I love how you are all fired up to tackle #2 and get some new PR's under your belt!! Whoo hoo!
Don't run San Diego - whatever you do! The course is awful!! I ran it last year and was just torn up by it. And I think you already know how I feel about SF - you can totally do that one! Just know that this Friday the fees go up :)
Happy Thursday buddy!

Lisa said...

Lots of good options there. Races in SF scare me because of the hills and that's why I hesitate and ultimately never register. I'm a wuss I guess.

Las Vegas sounds fun. My husband and I talked once about running the half, of course that would mean he's have to train and I don't know if he wants it THAT bad lol. He only runs because I do :)

Willoughby said...

Wow, you've got marathon fever!

Kerrie T. said...

Look at all those races. Jealous!

Jenny said...

Your comment on 5th Sisters blog about the letter E cracked me up so I wanted to come visit your blog!

Looks pretty E xhausting here with all this running and stuff.

Good luck with your running.

Jill said...

Lots of great races there you talk about. Just listen to your body and it'll tell you which direction to head. So envious of your nice, warm weather. It's snowing once again in Denver and I'm about ready to strangle the next innocent bypasser because of it! Happy Almost Weekend!!

Christy said...

I'm going to run the LV RnR!!!!!! We should def meet up!